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Xender APK is an unlimited file-sharing app. You will need it for both work and daily needs.

  • Introduce about Xender
    • Xender helps to send unlimited files with lightning-fast speed
    • Xender always updates many new features
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Introduce about Xender

Share everything in the fastest, most stable, and safest way!

Sharing files, images, videos, or any other type of data, is always a great and practical demand from smartphone users. But on that sharing path, we always encounter many obstacles. For example, the file format is incompatible, the speed is slow, the file transfer is interrupted, the number of shared files is limited, the size is reduced… There are 1001 problems around file sharing on the phone.

File-sharing applications were born one after another, each with its own strengths and preferences for each user group. But if you are looking for a particularly fast file transfer application that is compatible with all formats, then Xender should be the first name not only because of the main feature (file transfer) but also because of the following outstanding advantages.

Xender helps to send unlimited files with lightning-fast speed

You all want to send files quickly, instantly, even within a single note. Imagine when joining a party with friends and you take many pictures/videos for the whole group and want to share on your social network. And you will surely want to transfer all the photos/ videos to your friends. If you must move each picture/video at a time, what’s the fun? But if you have Xender in hand, you will be able to immediately send everything in seconds: photos, videos, audio files… many at the same time at the speed of 40Mb/s, equivalent to 200 times Bluetooth.

The entire outgoing files are not limited to their original size, yes, any format will work fine. Importantly, the delivered files are still in the same size, the format is not damaged. Make sure the person who receives it can fully appreciate the original beauty of each file.

In another urgent situation when you change phones and want to transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, games, or any other information files from your old phone to your new one, Xender can support from A-Z, also with surprisingly fast speed and ensure not to miss any information.

After the file transfer is complete, you can continue to use Xender to actively rearrange the order of folders for better file management, and conveniently delete the original files in the old phone to ensure security. Or, more often, you can use this feature to erase, clean up your phone memory or create a backup of all your important files.

The entire process of sending this information, data, and files through Xender ensures the highest security, ensuring no extraction, interference, and information exploitation. So, you can safely transfer even the most confidential files on your phone.

Xender always updates many new features

The developer constantly updates many new features and wants to bring the full and best experience to users… Those efforts have partly shown a great commitment from the developer. Because I always want an app to be light, neat, and minimalist, I am quite careful in choosing an app for my phone. Choosing an app that’s both functional, sustainable, and full of developer commitment is always reassuring. It will support your work well for a long time.

Xender brought me that feeling. That’s why I chose it and recommended it to you. And, indeed, it is constantly being updated, bringing in new highly useful features. Some of the new integrated items can be listed as follows:

  • toMP3: Convert video to audio. You can use this feature to change MVs into songs, change teaching videos to audio recording files, and many other everyday applications.
  • Voice-to-ringtone feature: For those of you who want to make your phone unique.
  • Support for listening to music without consuming battery on the display: This ability seems to have little to do with Xender’s main file transfer feature, but it works quite well, clearly seeing that the battery is less drained.
  • Free download of videos from Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram: still download unlimitedly all formats at lightning speed.

Xender is also chosen by many people to install on their computers for long-term use because of its simple layout design. It is easy to understand, easy to use, has a concise operation, and compact application size. And it also supports many languages ​​such as English, Arabic, Bengali, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese.

Download Xender APK for Android

If you just choose a mass file transfer application, you can search on GooglePlay for any application. But if you decide to use an app for a long time, transfer files with high speed and stability, only Xender is enough for all the above requirements. Moreover, there are a lot of other useful extra features updated day by day. 

Download Xender Apk Mod[No] v12.0.1-in-1.Prime (19M)

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Download Xender apk from google play

Download Xender apk from google play

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