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When we were still debating whether it was better to play FPS on mobile or PC, Electronic Arts once again surprised shooting enthusiasts with a masterpiece of the Battlefield series on the mobile platform with the can’t-be-more-better appearance and the gameplay.

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Introduce about Battlefield Mobile

Satisfied with the endless FPS shooting screens! This is truly a formidable opponent for Apex Legends and Fortnite!

As a part of the Battlefield series, Battlefield Mobile is a compact version exclusively for mobile and tablets. Talk about the original on PC for a bit. No one plays shooting without knowing Battlefield. This is a first-person action shooter (FPS) game in a modern battlefield setting, with top-notch graphics based on the advanced design technology Frostbite engine, and unmistakable gameplay. 


Battlefield Mobile is a combination of large-scale battles and game modes depending on each player’s skills. Free to play, but you can spend money to buy items. The more you play, the more rewards you get.

Download Battlefield Mobile Apk Mod[No] v0.5.119

If you ask what Battlefield Mobile stands out from the original or the current shooters on mobile, I can answer right away. Playing shooting in Battlefield Mobile is not only about rushing, shooting, hiding, but also taking part in countless battles like a real superhero. You can drive a large displacement vehicle to destroy the helicopter or manually handle a pilot and then take over the helicopter and freely shoot at the enemy below.

Success factors of Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is expected to be the shooting-game superstar of 2021. All the core parts of most of what you have experienced in the original game on PC were retained in the mobile version. You’ll experience deeper than ever the online-focused gameplay on large maps, fierce attacks but imbued with team spirit between players and NPCs, or between players. Not to mention experiencing a series of wars with vehicles, planes filled with the air of Mission Impossible.

In all game modes, the game poses a series of difficult situations and has unimaginable scenes. You will have to overcome a collapsing tower, parachute from a collapsing building, fight on a rocket that is about to launch or bury enemy corpses under the rubble of a building with a heavy tank. Every battle in Battlefield Mobile will make you remember.

A series of maps waiting to be conquered

Maps are always the core of a Battlefield Mobile game. These are battlegrounds where you use all your skills and strategy to attack and fight effectively. You can walk to create tactical agility, Or you can command an ATV to create explosive battles full of speed and surprise, Or you can shoot stealthily with melee weapons, Or you can even conduct the most unbelievably terrifying campaign with an armored tank equipped from A-Z.

Download Battlefield Mobile Apk Mod[No] v0.5.119

The main goal on the battlefield (while there are many small missions inside) is mostly to fight with teammates, take control of the battlefield and kill all the enemies. You can join a battalion or build your army to start a large-scale territorial war. Winning will give a lot of valuable rewards, worthy of the team’s hard work.


First, you will be able to choose one of four character classes for battle, including Assault, Support, Medic, and Recon. Weapons and equipment are the embodiment of individual and team strength.

All battles in Battlefield Mobile will be based on formations of the army and maps. So, it is our task to team up and discuss strategies carefully with other players. Then the whole team will attack the enemy on the map together. The strategy of Battlefield Mobile is most clearly demonstrated when you and your members agree on how to fight, arrange the formation so scientifically, and decide to upgrade the battalion to suit the situation at that time.

The team’s mission is constantly changing and evolving through the levels. But no matter what, the team also needs to constantly replenish its arsenal of weapons and equipment to upgrade its collective strength. During the game, the fighting ability of each person and the whole team is always challenged on a large scale. So, everyone must fight themselves and develop their own ability to fight mass, and at the same time, coordinate well with teammates. Not letting anyone carry the team alone and not letting anyone out of the game is the highest spiritual goal of each individual when participating in this game.

Graphics and sound

When it comes to the graphics of Battlefield Mobile, a whole day to say would not be enough.

First, the details on the map are in a state of “can be devastating”, even on an unexpectedly large scale. Try to fly a fighter or drive a tank and bombard the enemy, you will be dazzled by the “broken displays” of the surrounding landscape.

As for the combat soldier characters, there is no need to discuss. They are magical, their movement is flexible, their weapons are sharp and super diverse. The shape of each character, even on the enemy side, is different in terms of their own personality. Every step, every action, every expression reveals an unmistakable aura.

Download Battlefield Mobile Apk Mod[No] v0.5.119

The sound burns throughout the battlefield. You can hear running footsteps, teammates discussing tactics with each other. And above all, every weapon has amazing firepower expressed through crisp sound when hitting the enemy.

Download Battlefield Mobile APK for Android

Battlefield Mobile will satisfy the eyes, ears, hands, and heroic spirit of every shooter. And with a super FPS like this, to be honest, I have nothing to complain about.

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