Download Talion Apk Mod[No] v4.5.10

After much information was revealed, finally the publisher in Korea Gamevil has officially launched their MMORPG on both the iOS and Android platforms. The publisher Gamevil is considered one of the leading publishers of RPG genre. This game called Talion APK has perfectly designed to give you an ultra-realistic experience.

  • About Talion
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    • Collect and upgrade your equipment
    • Epic battles
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About Talion

Select your character

Entering the world in Talion makes quite a few confused players in the first stage is the character selection. You will be choosing from three very well-designed characters including a sexy girl Assassin, Kyle with fierce and tough looks, or Loli Pell – a little girl who is a magician. Moreover, you can customize the look of your character easily way from the shape to the small details on the face. In addition, the hairstyle of the character is also very diverse that you are selecting a variety of colors and styles.

Download Talion Apk Mod[No] v4.5.10

The character boundaries between good and evil in Talion are really non-existent. What you need when choosing a character is to choose a power that you trust and then fight hard to protect that belief.

Collect and upgrade your equipment

Similar to most other MMORPGs like Tales of Erin, Talion has a very interesting story. With the basic features of this game such as task, create a team to participate in dungeon mode, upgrade their skills and equipment,… Talion does not make it difficult for gamers that it has an auto-attack feature to complete tasks easily as well as for you to get familiar with the game. You will be alone, but on the journey, you will meet more friends and help each other accomplish difficult tasks.

Download Talion Apk Mod[No] v4.5.10

In the process of doing the task and clear monsters you can get the costume and hairstyle, if lucky you will get rare items. The clothes not only make the character more beautiful but also make your character more powerful with the power of each set.

Epic battles

Download Talion Apk Mod[No] v4.5.10

The modes in Talion are very rich with powerful alliances among players. You will fight beside your allies to defend the base and fight your opponent in 20v20 mode. Or you will participate in the dungeon mode against monsters and giant bosses. Also, the 5vs5 mode is a fairly gentle mode that allows you to have a little battle and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the game.


The graphic is great. All the details are designed very carefully with bright colors that make you feel like enter the real world. Not only that, Talion owns a vast map showing the publisher’s feats. This game has a 360-degree viewing angle that allows you to customize the viewing angle, zoom in, and zoom out according to your preferences.

Download Talion Apk Mod[No] v4.5.10

Although it’s just a game for mobile, Talion owns the attractive gameplay and high-quality graphics are no worse than the PC games. If you are a fan of the MMORPG genre that you do not play this game, I think it’s a big mistake.

Download Talion APK for Android

The familiar role-playing style, attractive modes and beautiful graphics are all that I want to say about this game. In order to experience Talion perfectly, you should prepare a high-profile phone and then download the game via the links below this article.

Download Talion Apk Mod[No] v4.5.10 (114M)

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Download Talion apk from google play

Download Talion apk from google play

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