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A beautiful game, fighting excitingly on each scene, and not even stressing you, just choose and admire the ravishing moments. If you want to play such a game, download Sword Master Story APK right away.

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Introduce about Sword Master Story

Transforming into an excellent sword master!

Small talk to you, this game introduces hack and slash but you shouldn’t believe it. This game is much more like an Idle combat role-playing game. If you like fighting games, beautiful characters that are a spotless appearance when fighting, want to rank up fast, and have fun and entertaining fighting, then Sword Master Story is the best choice. For those of you who love the hardcore fighting style, this game maybe not fight for you.


Sword Master Story tells the story of a great swordsman, the only survivor of the sect, who also vowed to give his life for world peace. Not yielding to evil, and undeterred by the departure of his previous brothers, the swordmaster was determined to continue on his thorny path against the Evil Sect. He will in turn recruit many heroes, which are powerful goddesses. And depending on the enemy of each battle, the swordmaster will arrange the formation in different ways. Playing Sword Master Story you will also witness the strong camaraderie in each battle. The masters on the same team always live and die together, side by side. And victory is of course not possible by one individual.

Download Sword Master Story Apk Mod[No] v4.2.349


Sword Master Story is an idle action game from a Korean publisher. In which you will play the role of a Sword Master who has a team of many heroines. Each of these heroines will possess a unique treasure sword. The heroines present in the ranks will consist of 4 classes and have 5 different attributes.

After each battle, the heroes directly involved will be leveled up and become stronger and more invincible.

The point that makes the difference in the gameplay of Sword Master Story is the process of Leveling up, Rebirth and Transcendence. Depending on the level of battle, the holy maidens may gradually acquire these abilities. And once it is, officially joins the ranks of “powerful team”. From then on, the battle will be even more fierce and attractive.

Weapon system and diverse characters

Sword Master Story features more than 40 heroines with different abilities and powers. Weapons have more than 50 types, all super-class, along with a variety of armor, costumes to beautify the character.

There are 10 different scenes of play with many attractive game modes: PvP, dungeon clone, Boss fight, Guild formation. And no matter how you play, you don’t need to worry about fighting in the battle because most of the combat, targeting scenes in the game is pretty much Auto. This idle gameplay is a huge motivator for those who are familiar with this type of jubilant combat role-playing genre but can be a point that makes veteran gamers not very interested.

Anyway, there’s a lot of customers. If you like, you can download and play at any time. If you don’t like it, watch it for fun and then play another game, no problem. After all, no game satisfies all people’s preferences.

Download Sword Master Story Apk Mod[No] v4.2.349

I don’t like idle games, especially when I can’t interfere with actively doing skills, aiming to hit enemies. But in the end, I’m unable to hold back from Sword Master Story, so you understand there must be a big reason behind this amazing game. For the first time, I understood the feeling of brothers who often play idle games: we are free to watch powerful swords, picturesque characters take turns fighting and producing perfect skills. This view when playing by yourself will rarely be fully appreciated because you are busy thinking about how to move, defend, and combo. In short, there are good things that you can only see when you play.

Graphics and sound

Our great swordsman is like a sword lost in a forest of flowers. The female saints in the game must be said to be of great beauty, each one has a look, but everyone is all pretty.

The image is also unique in the series of light effects, radiating the brilliant aura of the sword dances from the great swordsmen and saints. This fighting game is as beautiful as a game version of a Korean historical movie.

Download Sword Master Story Apk Mod[No] v4.2.349

Voiceover is also a unique highlight of this game. You will hear the attractive voice of each heroine, some are gentle and sweet, some are majestic. Sometimes when you are tired in your body, just listening to the voice, and then watching the graceful movements of the swordswomen when using the skills is enough to regain the spirit. It is these same charming voiceovers that bring the swordswomen closer to the player’s feelings, feeling like they are standing shoulder to shoulder with real beauty.

Download Sword Master Story APK for Android

The game is really beautiful, the sound images are attractive, the fierce battle scenes continuously take place. Importantly, you don’t need to do anything, just choose and watch the magnificent scene unfolding in front of you. There are so many reasons to try the Sword Master Story experience. You guys must download this game and try it out now!

Download Sword Master Story Apk Mod[No] v4.2.349 (271M)

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Download Sword Master Story apk from google play

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