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Introduce about Grow Idle Archer

Grow Idle Archer is a role-playing game with idle gameplay. It was released by BigInt Games not long ago, but soon had hundreds of thousands of gamers to experience and love. You can also be “addictive” and held on by this game for a long time. Looking forward to the interesting things in this article!


Grow Idle Archer tells the story of a young hero’s fight against monsters. Apparently, someone opened the gates of hell, causing monsters and demons to overflow into the human world. And now they are everywhere. They destroy and bring death to the places they pass. With the responsibility of a hero, with a bow and arrow in hand, you must stop those bad things and bring a peaceful life for people.


Grow Idle Archer with idle gameplay. It is so simple that you do not need to touch the screen, but the character will automatically fight, defeat the opponent and go to the next level.

However, the game does not go on forever in that way, because the enemies you encounter will become stronger and harder to defeat. In the first 3 levels, my character passed in a blink of an eye. But up to level 4, three new types of enemies were present. They have more health points, causing me to shoot a lot of arrows to get through the level.

Over time, the higher the level you fight, the more opponents there will be and the more health they have. But that is not all. Worse than that, your “time attack” is shrinking. Usually, for the level below 20, the “time attack” is 12 – 15 seconds. They are like a countdown timer. When the time is up, the enemy counter-attacks and your character doesn’t have much chance of surviving. So you need to beat them before the time attack runs out.

Upgrade your hero

As can be seen, Grow Idle Archer also focuses on combat speed. To have good speed, you must go through the upgrade process. On the weapon aspect, there are two types of upgrades, including arrow upgrades and bow upgrades.

With arrows, when they are at a higher level, the damage becomes higher and the number of bows and arrows per turn also increases. Initially 2, then 3, 4 and more.

As for the bow and arrow, you can upgrade the speed attack. The time it takes to launch the next shot will decrease, depending on the level. Maybe 300%, 500%, 1000% attack speed and gradually go into the continuous state. Of course, traction is also improved, and that helps to contribute to increased damage.

Learn new skills

Along with weapons, skills are what your hero needs to defeat the enemy. The skill will buff more power and add attack effects to make enemies die faster.

Grow Idle Archer has many skills including some active and passive skills. You should learn them as soon as you can.

With active skills, you need to touch the screen to use it. For example, Magic Steel Arrow creates an iron arrow with 125% damage, Energy Wave with 350% power. Or Binding Trap makes enemies immobilized for 3 seconds. However, skills have a cooldown. You will have to wait a few seconds to use it again.

With passive skills, you also have to wait. But the advantage is that these skills are automatically activated when ready.


There are three game modes, including storyline, tower defense and Town Reincarnation.

There, the plot has gameplay like I just mentioned above. Tower defense is shown in the same way as Plants vs Zombies 2. However, you cannot add more defensive force, but you can only strengthen yourself to fight the enemy.

As for the Town Reincarnation mode, you have to spend souls to unlock. I will leave this section blank for you to explore for yourself!


Grow Idle Archer gives you a default character, the hero that comes with the aforementioned storyline. However, if you want something new, you can change the character at any time. They have more eye-catching looks, with epic and antique-style outfits.

Some characters for your reference such as Elf, Shadow Archer, Purifier of the Light, Frost Knight and Lord of the Earthfire.

Download Grow Idle Archer APK for Android

Grow Idle Archer is a game with a fresh experience in the role-playing genre. Although idle, it has a lot of features, including the feature to save data on the Cloud so that players can experience it on multiple devices. If you’re ready, raise your bow and start the war against the monsters.

Download Grow Idle Archer Apk Mod[No] v3.1.8 (46M)

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Download Grow Idle Archer apk from google play

Download Grow Idle Archer apk from google play

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