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The super product Fading City APK from the famous developer NetEase Games is shining proof of the fact that mobile games in the near future can reach the level of PC games.

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Introduce about Fading City

If Human civilization is engulfed in the fog of destruction, will you and your teammates be the light at the end of the tunnel?


Weidu is the largest, most developed city and a symbol of human civilization. All the most advanced talent, modern industry, innovation, machinery, technology, and research are concentrated here. But that great development has led to a consequence that people have always feared. A chemical leak has occurred. The whole city was shrouded in an unidentified blue mist. In an instant, they have turned people into monsters, bloodthirsty zombies, the most aggressive and fearsome monsters on the planet. Wherever the blue mist spreads, zombies appear there. They began to destroy the city, destroy the survivors, destroy all the structures.

Download Fading City Apk Mod[No] v1.306065

In the ruined world of Weidu City, humans have almost been annihilated by that strange wave. Everything is now engulfed in destruction. Under the blue mist, the survivors here are still struggling day by day, fighting the brutal force. To survive, you and all must constantly explore the vast ruins of the city, collect items, food, and drink, craft tools and weapons, solve puzzles, and go on hundreds of adventures. Battle monsters to find out the secret behind the blue mist, to know how to dissolve it and return the world to its original state. How far will you and your teammates go in this battle for survival?


Fading City is an open-world survival game with vivid realism that is not inferior to any game on PC.

Fading City has single-player and team mode (groups of up to 4 people). You can share tasks with your team, find food, collect more weapons, tools and find your way back to the bunker. On the way, if you meet a zombie, you will have to make use of all the weapons you have to fight, destroy zombies, and protect your life and your teammates.

There are many activities waiting for players to explore in Fading City: searching for items, maintaining life, solving puzzles, fighting, exploring everywhere, and freely building underground shelters. All it takes is to fight the invasion of zombies, maintain the lives of yourself and your teammates and find a way to restore the ruined city at their feet. You have to survive, stay away from the fog, and fight against a lot of terrible monsters. You have almost no free time when playing Fading City.

Survival always comes before fight

If you consider what to choose between the Survival factor and the Combat factor, Fading City clearly gives more priority to the player’s survival experience. The proof is that the game allows you to freely travel, anytime, anywhere, with your teammates to explore all the caves and alleys of the city.

The item collection stage is extremely interesting. You need to look for a lot of things related to maintaining your health and survival. After that, collect evidence, learn the signs to track down the clues as well as the source of the blue mist. Next, continuously solve puzzles, collecting important data to get one way to dispel the cruel fog.

Download Fading City Apk Mod[No] v1.306065

The mechanism of collecting items is the unique feature of Fading City. Collecting is not done yet. The game’s powerful crafting feature will allow you to craft countless different weapons, melee, ranged, and traps. And of course, this crafting skill is also used to design, build and develop underground shelters.

That is why the base structure and weapon system in Fading City become diverse. It helps a lot on the battlefield. We have sticks, knives, crowbars, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns… Corresponding to each battle situation and the player’s forte, you always have the right weapon waiting.

But that’s still not enough. To survive long in this world of death and tons of monsters pouring in, you are equipped with an impressive array of skills. Freedom and flexibility are very evident in this system of skills. Walk, run, kick, punch, attack, stealthily crawl, ambush. You can freely choose your own strategy: attack directly, quietly kill the monsters little by little, attack alone, or coordinate well with teammates. Whatever it is, you will have the corresponding weapon and skill to deploy and show off.

Graphics and sound

Joining the trend of powerful graphics of blockbuster mobile games, Fading City also uses Unreal Engine 4 technology as the core for its visuals. Many people even think that Fading City is like “another version of Life After”, others say it has the fighting spirit of The Last of Us… It is implied to refer to the fascinating plot, the scene of destruction that is gloomy but full of impressive details and irresistible gameplay of a post-apocalyptic action game.

Fading City is so real from the context of more than 1 million square meters, the characters, the monsters to the fierce battle scenes. You feel like you can touch each mossy wall, feel your feet step through the ruins of a civilized city.

Even the blue mist that obscures the whole city also makes you fall into a state of semi-consciousness, which leads to a series of unexpected and difficult situations in the game. The world in which you are present is gradually falling into despair and collapse, which is evident in every fine detail of the graphics. Everything seems to be just waiting for you and your teammates to recover.

Download Fading City Apk Mod[No] v1.306065

The battle scenes, lighting effects, explosions, and crashes of all the details around and from the firepower of weapons, will make you more than satisfied. The fighting feeling is even better than the two games that it has always been compared to from the beginning. It is more realistic and boldly depicts physical manifestations during battle.

The sound is not as good as Life After but is full and complete in the stages of collecting items, solving puzzles, and fighting scenes with monsters. If you add a headset, it’s not inferior to other Unreal Engine 4 games.

Download Fading City APK for Android

If you have an undying passion for the zombie genre, fighting post-apocalyptic monsters, or are looking to experience a lot of exciting action technology games with Unreal Engine 4 technology, you need to download Fading City to play it right away. 

Download Fading City Apk Mod[No] v1.306065 (1G)

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Download Fading City apk from google play

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