Download Elemental Knights R Apk Mod[No] v4.7.5

If you have a preference for Japanese and Korean MMORPGs, then you are no stranger to the role-playing adventure knight games. Elemental Knights R APK is a successful game in this genre with millions of downloads in the world.

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About Elemental Knights R

With support for both iOS and Android, Winlight brought players to the fairy world with the most mysterious.


Elemental Knights R takes you to a beautiful, colorful fairytale world. This place has the existence of magic and strange creatures flying around. When I first played, I thought I was lost in a world in comic or Anime. But the peaceful life of the kingdom did not last long when the dragon was awakened after decades of deep sleep. Rising Dragon also means that thousands, millions of monsters scary all over the corner also wake up, threatening the survival of this beautiful kingdom.

Download Elemental Knights R Apk Mod[No] v4.7.5

So the brilliant knights around the world are gathering together to stop this tragedy. On this dangerous journey, you will have to face countless enemy ambushes to eat you. Also, you can also meet friends, good people who are willing to help you overcome challenges. Remember, you are the last hope of this kingdom. Only a small mistake, the whole kingdom will face the risk of extinction.

Transformed into a knight

Download Elemental Knights R Apk Mod[No] v4.7.5

Entering the game, you will be given the choice of one of the Elemental Knights R characters. There are up to five character class available for players to choose from Fighter, Wizard, Thief Cleric, Monk and Bishop. I always preferred to choose Fighter because the Gladiators are always the highest combat strength, comprehensive defense suitable for most tactics. Especially in this game, you have the right to customize the equipment of the character, help develop the power of the character as you like.

Alluring things

The game’s mission system is which will entice you by surprise to surprise. The mission is extremely diverse, take you adventure on the story, the tough battle in the land of fantasy. Complete the quest, you will open the story and collect a lot of gold, experience and items or equipment extremely useful.

Download Elemental Knights R Apk Mod[No] v4.7.5

In addition to that, Elemental Knights R also has a lot of exciting activities such as guilds, team battles or bosses battles with friends. Especially, accompanied by you are cute animals such as cats, dogs, buffalo, … they will help you in many battles. The online chat system of this game is fascinating with a lot of humorous, cute expressions. Besides, every month, Elemental Knights R has a series of huge events for gamers to conquer.

Graphics background

Elemental Knights R owns the traditional 2.5D classic graphics similar to Spade’s Divine Paradise. You will feel like playing a J-RPG game in the past. Pictures of the characters are built in a very cute way, beautiful. The scenery in the game is very diverse, rich when you are free to move from grassland, desert, underground channel to the ghost castle ghosts. Effect of skill development of wonderful characters.

The map system of this game looks quite large even though it’s just a mobile game. Although it does not support the player to see the entire player on the server; But it still ensures that players who are able to interact with your best without any lag.

Download Elemental Knights R APK for Android

I’m never sure about a game because only the new player evaluates whether it is attractive or not. And Elemental Knights R too. For myself, it’s pretty good and easy to play, and I believe many other players will comment on that as well. How about you? Do you feel this game is fun? Download Elemental Knights R and check it out!

Download Elemental Knights R Apk Mod[No] v4.7.5 (108M)

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Download Elemental Knights R apk from google play

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