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Dragalia Lost APK is a new game was released in late September. This is the first game by the co-operation of Nintendo and Cygames developer an RPG on the mobile device. Currently, games are available on Google Play and Appstore, but only a few downloadable countries are Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, and the United States.

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About Dragalia Lost

The story

Get out of the present life full of stress and fatigue. You will enter a new world in the land of Alberia, where humans and dragons have found a way to live in peace. Here you can borrow the shape of a dragon and use their power in battles by forming a treaty. One day, things got worse when Alberia’s Sacred Shard began to lose its power. And you as the seventh prince named Euden is tasked with making a treaty with a powerful dragon. Besides, you will investigate the mysteries of Sacred Shard’s weakness, defense and countless monsters trying to attack your kingdom.

Download Dragalia Lost Apk Mod[No] v2.17.0Download Dragalia Lost Apk Mod[No] v2.17.0Download Dragalia Lost Apk Mod[No] v2.17.0


Dragalia Lost is similar in style to traditional action RPGs, but with a very good level of care and development from the manufacturers that make up the special appeal of this game. You can move the character by arrows button around the screen, when encountering enemies you just touch attack button to fight and swipe the screen to dodge. Each monster in the area usually has elemental affinities, so you should take advantage of their weaknesses to fight.

Brave fight

On the way, you will encounter the appearance of the monsters, and they often stand herd, so the confrontation with them becomes more difficult. But fortunately, here you are not alone, you can call your support to fight beside you. With Japanese games, solidarity is often expressed in games. Boss usually appears in the last area on the map. The best way is transforming into a dragon but time is not much, you take advantage of this to destroy the boss quickly.

60 heroes

In addition to fighting, you can customize your hero through a small building called The Halidom. Here you can build structures and improvements to the heroes. Dragalia Lost gives you over 60 heroes along with a lot of weapons and equipment.

It is a sad thing that Dragalia Lost does not give you feature visiting Halidom of your friends. Halidom also contains your dragon, where you can train your dragon to be able to transform into a fight.

The two currencies in this game include Diamantium and Wyrmite, which use primarily to unlock more characters. You will earn Wyrmite on a regular basis through reward jobs and story quests. The mission in this game is quite short so you can pass the quest quickly to earn experience and money.

Download Dragalia Lost Apk Mod[No] v2.17.0Download Dragalia Lost Apk Mod[No] v2.17.0

Graphics & Sound

Dragalia Lost owns pretty nice graphics. Anime-style characters are familiar with Japanese games but surprisingly in terms of skin tone and facial expressions. Although not a music game, but the sound of Dragalia Lost is also very noticeable. The characters are voiced very well with the music features of the Japanese artist Daoko.

Download Dragalia Lost APK for Android

Nintendo games often provide a unique experience for players, maybe you have known some games such as Sonic Mania or Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Dragalia Lost requires 3GB of memory, Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher, 1GB or more RAM. The game size is relatively large, but with excellent graphics quality, countless stories and attractive features, the game is worth the wait.

Download Dragalia Lost Apk Mod[No] v2.17.0 (119M)

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Download Dragalia Lost apk from google play

Download Dragalia Lost apk from google play

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