Download DC Legends Apk Mod[High Damage/Defense] v1.27.14

Do you love heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman? Download now DC Legends MOD APK to participate in the classic battles that you only see on the movie.

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Introduce about DC Legends


Marvel and DC are two cinematic universes, home to the most popular and loved superheroes today. Lots of franchise game developers have created products based on this theme, and of course, most of them have been well received by fans. DC Legends is one of those games. It is designed quite similar to Netmarble’s MARVEL Future Fight, the game that we have introduced to you before.

Download DC Legends Apk Mod[High Damage/Defense] v1.27.14

However, DC Legends has many differences, and the most different is in terms of gameplay. Instead of the traditional RPG style, this game has a turn-based strategy element – you have to combine the strategic organization and the ability of the characters to win battles. Atrocities are happening all over this world, and are you ready to fight for justice and human peace?

Basically, DC Legends is a turn-based strategy game. That is, you will control your group of characters, choosing actions for each person to attack the group of enemies each time it is turn. Of course, there are other actions to do instead of attacking. That depends on the characteristics of each character. Some characters have the ability to increase defense or HP for the whole team.

DC Legends is based on the original plot of the series. However, that is just the core, simulated through the events. And it’s not a complete reinterpretation of the plot. Instead, it is viewed from a new perspective from the game developer.

Download DC Legends Apk Mod[High Damage/Defense] v1.27.14

The content of DC Legends is set according to the content tree. That is, you will take turns passing checkpoint-like locations, where you will fight hordes of monsters and challenges. Designing content in this form is also quite interesting. It gives you a lot of information about the battle you are about to face, for example: difficulty, possible rewards, enemies, … Based on that, you can rearrange the team and choose the most suitable characters.


Choose the most suitable characters? That’s right, DC Legends is a game with a tactical element, and the character’s class, their abilities are the key to you through the level. You need to have knowledge of the interactions between each character’s classes, their weaknesses, strengths, and special abilities. From there, you can create a strategy that is good enough, a squad that is strong enough and capable of supporting each other in battle.

Download DC Legends Apk Mod[High Damage/Defense] v1.27.14

Besides, DC Legends has a diverse character system, from the characters of the righteous group that you can play such as: Wonder Woman, Booster Gold, Batman, Aquaman, Superman, Alan Scott, … More thus, the design team also creates their versions in stages. Wonder Woman, for example, each of the roles as Champion of the Amazons, Defender of Justice, and Princess of Themyscira will have a different build and strength.

Develop your character

With the difficulty gradually increasing, and the bosses of the villains appear, you need to develop your characters to be able to defeat them.

Characters can be upgraded in terms of both level, equipment and combat skills. Each type gives a number of special attributes to the character and enhances the overall combat performance. The upgrade process requires money and some special ingredients. You can find them during quests.

In addition, the character also has a rank system. By default, when you receive a character from the quest system or open character boxes, he is usually ranked 1 or 2 stars. If you want to upgrade your character’s rank to explore more of his abilities, you’ll have to collect pieces of that character. Check out the number of shards required for the next rank level in his details.


One of the factors contributing to the success of DC Legends is the vivid graphics. The characters are beautifully designed on a 3D platform. You can easily recognize them through the design.

Besides, the elements of context, environment, and sound and lighting effects are also great. Their combination creates a fantasy world full of mystery. Join the game to discover now!

MOD APK version of DC Legends

MOD features

  • High Damage
  • High Defense
  • Unlimited Skills

Download DC Legends APK & MOD for Android

It’s been five years since DC Legends first released on the Google Play store. The game has over 10 million installs and hundreds of thousands of different reviews left by gamers. There are conflicting opinions, performance complaints and some unfortunate minor bugs. But most of them are positive reviews of the gameplay, graphics, and content of the game. DC Legends has achieved 4.2 / 5 stars, and I think, the game deserves more than that.

And you, what do you think? Download the game on our website, then install it on your device and start playing!

Download DC Legends Apk Mod[High Damage/Defense] v1.27.14 (57M)

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Download DC Legends apk from google play

Download DC Legends apk from google play

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