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Arrowmancer APK is a Japanese anime-style graphic action RPG. Entering the game, you will enter the world of epic cosmic magic with a series of fiery battles waiting for you.

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Introduce about Arrowmancer

Create your own waifu witch and forge mighty alliances of witches to travel across the galaxy


In the game, you are a young witch on a mission to explore the cities and the stars. In the adventure, you must pass many places and do many interesting things: visit the Great Nature Reserve of Venus, visit the alma mater which is the most modern Institute of Witchcraft on Mars, and explore many regions and a mysterious land in the brilliant galaxy.

The whole story is about the travels, discoveries, and connections with other wizards’ universes. Through all the land you pass, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the solar system, enter deep dungeons, forge an interplanetary alliance of wizards, and fight together against some of the galaxy’s craziest monsters.

Download Arrowmancer Apk Mod[No] v1.1.2Download Arrowmancer Apk Mod[No] v1.1.2Download Arrowmancer Apk Mod[No] v1.1.2


Arrowmancer is a mobile game that makes full use of AI technology. Typically, at the beginning of the game, you can create a multitude of different characters for yourself. Creating characters is also one of the big challenges of the game. The more unique heroes you can make, the stronger your “legendary witch alliance” will be, the higher your combat ability will be, and the advantage will, of course, be higher in confrontations with enemies.

Each team formation will consist of 3 witches, fighting on 3×3 chessboard squares. With the witch warriors created earlier, you will perform combo attacks on enemies. And you continuously dodge attacks by tactical calculation. Each time you kill the boss, you will get valuable rewards which will help you easily pass the next stages.

The alliance group will travel together through many planets and do all sorts of fun things together as I mentioned in the beginning. Wherever you go, you will constantly explore, adventure, and fight like that, until the galaxy everywhere leaves your footprint.

The good news for the “art enthusiasts” is that the witch warriors in Arrowmancer are all dreamlike Waifu girls. These girls are not available but will wait for you to create them. In the lab, as the Talent Manager Wizard, you’ll be free to create your ideal, beautiful, and most attractive Waifu identities. They have not only great looks but also skills and tenacious fighting ability. Craft and form powerful alliances to accompany your friends across the universe. How interesting is this!

In Arrowmancer, you must also constantly collect new wizards to refresh the squad and create many alliances. Each waifu witch will have different personalities, looks, and abilities. Going through big and small battles to upgrade each waifu in turn, combining these friends in many combinations will help you unlock new powers and have more options to create new waifu.

Beautiful and eye-catching anime images

The game’s original goal was to take advantage of AI technology and maximize the visual impression of the anime style, so it is not surprising that the Arrowmancer will satisfy you so much. With so many customizations available, you will create your own favorite character in your imagination. And no matter how you combine them, everything is still very soft, natural, and beautiful. A big compliment to the game development team in character creation. The standard anime style has made a bold charm to each person, helping them be full of the beauties that people desire.

I bet there will always be a lot of guys who will play this game just because of these creations.

Download Arrowmancer APK for Android

Currently, Arrowmancer has more than 200 levels with increasing difficulties. If you have a special passion for beautiful, personality waifu(s) who fight like a god and you desire to create and command them all in fierce battles, then Arrowmancer is literally for you.

Download Arrowmancer Apk Mod[No] v1.1.2 (475M)

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Download Arrowmancer apk from google play

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