Download Angry Birds Legends Apk Mod[No] v3.3.1

Have you ever thought one day, Angry Birds birds turn into powerful warriors? Download Angry Birds Legends’s APK and OBB files and join the fight with them today.

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Introduce about Angry Birds Legends

The battle between the angry birds and the green pigs is never over. Rovio Entertainment Corporation continues to bring players into a new war in their latest game, Angry Birds Legends.

Unlike the traditional Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Legends brings a new color with the role-playing tactical gameplay. Now, the battles are more intense and intense than ever. Come shoulder to shoulder with angry bird warriors to fight the evil forces of the green pigs.

The story

The story of Angry Birds Legends happens when the eggs are once again stolen. Now, the blue pigs have received the help of new villains, with the aim of stealing Angry Birds eggs.

After the previous failure, the green pigs did not dare to return after a long time. The birds seem to have been living in peace, but this eternal feud does not seem to be over when the third dark force appears. They allied with the swarm of green pigs and put the lives of the citizens in the angry-bird island into chaos.

Now, you need to gather the strongest warriors to stop the bad things from happening, before it’s too late.


Angry Birds Legends has the characteristics of the role-playing genre, with turn-based strategy gameplay. With this gameplay, you will form a squad of three or four members, engage in battles against the enemy, causing them to retreat from where they do not belong.

Download Angry Birds Legends Apk Mod[No] v3.3.1

When the battle started, cards appeared on the screen, representing the skills that the bird warrior possessed. You will select a card for each party member, for them to act and perform moves that damage the enemy.

The goal in each level to be achieved is to defeat all enemies. Sometimes, their lineup consists of three members, which are familiar blue pigs. But sometimes, the enemy formation has four members, and are new enemies such as dragons, green goblins, and strangers. They all have distinct traits and fighting abilities. You need to learn and understand that information to execute the strategy more effectively.

The content in Angry Birds Legends is also expanded compared to the previous instalments. Besides defending your homeland, you can unlock new lands and worlds in the future. Of course, the challenge will change and be somewhat more difficult. But in return, the rewards are also well deserved!


The character series in the game has been improved and refreshed. There, not only birds in the classic Angry Birds series but also human warriors, witches and goblins.

Download Angry Birds Legends Apk Mod[No] v3.3.1

Your squad will be rich, while your members have the ability to fight separately and support each other. Of course, because this is the core element of the strategy genre, right?

In addition, each character in Angry Birds Legends is also designed with a level system and abilities. As they level up, they will develop in terms of strength. With that, the rank upgrade feature is unlocked, and you can upgrade them to up to seven stars. Meanwhile, the stats of defense, health and speed also improved significantly.


Most role-playing games often host events, and Angry Birds Legends is no exception. Although they are short, they are regularly updated and provide an opportunity for you to earn valuable gifts, including hero cards, bonuses, and lots of experience points.

Download Angry Birds Legends Apk Mod[No] v3.3.1

However, challenges at events are not easy. You will have to fight hundreds of enemies, or even legendary Boss Pirates.

Graphics and effects

It can be said that Angry Birds Legends is one of the best graphics games in all the products that Rovio Entertainment Corporation has ever released. The monotonous birds have been added with more clothes, equipment and weapons. New characters are included, while details and facial expressions are meticulously designed.

Along with that, the sound and effects system when the characters perform the skill makes the battle really epic.

How to install Angry Birds Legends APK + OBB

  • Download the APK and OBB file of Angry Birds Legends at APKMODY.
  • Extract the file “”.
  • Copy the folder “com.rovio.ablegends” to the folder “Android/obb”.
  • Install the APK file.
  • Download Angry Birds Legends APK for Android

    The birds are trying to recruit heroes to protect their island and eggs. The blue pigs are trying to find the alliance and find ways to destroy the peace of the Birdland. They are fighting fiercely. Before the unexpected casualties, please download Angry Birds Legends to help the birds fight off invaders again!

    Download Angry Birds Legends Apk Mod[No] v3.3.1 (648M)

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    Download Angry Birds Legends apk from google play

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