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If you want to edit videos for Youtube or Facebook, Vlog Star is a must-have app on your Android phone. Please download the MOD APK version via the link below this article.

  • Introduce about Vlog Star
    • A versatile video editor for Android
    • Copyright music library
    • Reaction screen recorder
    • Music video maker
  • MOD APK version of Vlog Star
    • MOD feature
    • What’s more in Premium plan?
  • Download Vlog Star MOD APK for Android

Introduce about Vlog Star

If you are looking for a simple app, but has powerful features for video editing, you should check out Vlog Star. This app has a professional interface, plenty of resources free to use and gives you great ideas.

A versatile video editor for Android

Vlog Star is one of the best and most popular video editors for Android. Although it is quite lightweight, the application provides you with a powerful set of tools to help you create the video you want.

You can add music, add background, add color filters, trim videos, adjust playback speed, insert text, stickers… quickly. Vlog Star also supports multi-layer editing on video.

Copyright music library

During the video editing process, you may want to add a piece of music to make the video more vibrant and emotional. Vlog Star has copyrighted hundreds of songs, integrating it into your music library for you to use.

Currently, there are seven music themes you can choose from, including: Soothing, Fresh, Travel, Feature, Cinematic, Pop and Cheerful. Tracks are not available in the application. They are hosted on the server, so you’ll need to download them before adding them to your video.

If you want to make fun videos, you can also find today’s most popular effect sounds in Vlog Star. There are 13 themes with hundreds of sound effects available to use. In addition, the application also supports importing music from the device or recording directly through the microphone.

Reaction screen recorder

Recently, Streamer and YouTubers have a tendency to create reaction videos to express feelings and comment on another video. If you regularly surf YouTube, you will easily catch them, and you will even stay to watch. Maybe, you also want to create such videos, because they are simple, easy to make and attract a lot of viewers. However, you will need a tool to pair your reaction with the original video in one video.

Vlog Star integrates Reaction Cam, allowing you to create interesting reaction videos. You do not even need to pair manually, the video will be created in real time with the camera on the device. You can of course adjust them once you’re done. Vlog Star provides a pretty detailed video editor for you to customize your video the way you want.

Music video maker

If you find making videos from your device photo player monotonous and boring, maybe it is time to try Vlog Star’s music video creation feature.

Vlog Star has a template music video library for you to create products quickly. These templates are stored in the cloud, and the first thing you need to do is select the desired template to download. Once you have the sample, you need to select the photos on your device and press “Done”. The video will be extracted and saved to the device’s library. Of course, a copy is available inside the app, you can modify this one and overwrite the previously saved video file.

The music video maker in Vlog Star can create a series of memories based on both photo and video files. They are supplemented with beautiful effects and will be converted based on the melody of the music. You can also preview the templates before downloading.

According to statistics, Vlog Star has nearly 50 samples. Most of them are free. Some special models require you to be a VIP member.

Vlog Star is associated with Intro Maker and Thumbnail Maker. If you are developing a Youtube channel, you should have this tool to create unique videos.

MOD APK version of Vlog Star

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

What’s more in Premium plan?

  • Unlocked premium music videos
  • Removed Watermark
  • No ads
  • Unlocked all effects and Stickers

Download Vlog Star MOD APK for Android

Besides the aforementioned features, Vlog Star also has color filters, fonts and stickers to help you create interesting videos. So, what are you waiting for without downloading this app right now?

Download Vlog Star Apk Mod[VIP Unlocked] v5.8.0 (35M)

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Download Vlog Star apk from google play

Download Vlog Star apk from google play

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