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Pixomatic MOD APK is a semi-professional image editing application that anyone can use. You can edit photos quickly, neatly, with a variety of effects and many more features on this amazing app.

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Introduce about Pixomatic

Elevate your images and create captivating compositions with a full range of photo-editing features!

Currently, there are many image editing applications from simple to complex on mobile. Each app has its style and strengths. If you want to try some of the popular tools on photo editing apps like removing backgrounds and objects, cropping shapes, cropping photos, text, filters, then Pixomatic is all you need.

Not as famous as some other photo editing applications, but a few users after using Pixomatic have recognized this as a professional photo editing application that can convince even the most demanding users. Moreover, this app is especially suitable for you when you need to crop the image and change the background.

Specialized cropping and background changing tools

You have a picture that is too beautiful, poses too well, but the background is too ordinary, even unattractive. It’s one of the most common problems faced by many users when using photo editing apps. The only way is to edit the filter and change the background. Adjusting the filter often affects all of the character details in the image. As for changing the background, it is necessary to cut the subject very naturally, change the professional background to make it look beautiful. If not, it’s very counterproductive. Pixomatic will help you do this, quickly, neatly, delicately.

This is also the unique and unmistakable characteristic of Pixomatic. The application has a set of features dedicated to cropping details, removing the background, and replacing the new background. The operation is as simple as what you are imagining in your head. Select the crop tool, contour around the subject, hit apply, and done, you have just got a new image, now just save it with a transparent background for further use or choose another action to continue to change the background.

Download Pixomatic Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v5.10.1Download Pixomatic Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v5.10.1Download Pixomatic Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v5.10.1

To choose to replace the background, you need to go to the available Background Library of Pixomatic. Then you can choose from thousands of backgrounds of all different styles, and then apply them to a previously cropped image. And, in less than a minute after, the finished image has been done.

Photo Blender feature

When you need to blend the two best parts of your photos together, you can immediately take advantage of the Photo Blender tool in Pixomatic. Using advanced exposure techniques, intelligent assembly of details, Pixomatic can help you to mix the colors, details, and textures of your photos to bring visual effects, different colors express the mood and meaning in the picture.

A lot of filters

When you do not want to edit sophisticatedly, just change the color tone, edit the feeling of the whole image, you can use the Filter feature in Pixomatic. There are more than 100 different Filters available with full-color tones, styles, and personalities to help you express the beauty and aesthetics of each image to the fullest. Simply select the image on your phone and put it into the app, or take a selfie through the app’s camera, choose your favorite Filter template, choose the high and low level of the effects, and then press apply, and it’s done.

In addition, you can completely use this Filter tool in combination with other features of Pixomatic. For example, you can crop the subject, change the background, then retouch the image, and finally apply a layer of Filters to the image.

Many other features

The Retouch feature of this application is not inferior to any specialized photo editor: increase the brightness of the face, make the eyes more glitter, remove acne, whiten teeth, remove dark spots on the skin, remove wrinkles on the skin. face.

In addition, if you want, you can deeply interfere with the light of the image through features such as adjust contrast, exposure, image tint, and color depth…

After completing the editing steps as you like, just click Share, your image will be quickly shared on today’s popular social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok…

If you want to edit photos quickly, and don’t have time to dig into the details of each feature, you can confidently use the powerful “Auto Edit” tool in Pixomatic. This feature will immediately show its talent with intelligent automatic algorithms, automatically detecting errors in important partitions and making necessary corrections based on data learned from millions of previous users. In short, you just need to select and view the complete image, no need to manually press anything.

MOD APK version of Pixomatic

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Pixomatic APK & MOD for Android

If you are looking for a powerful image editor with the ability to crop, change the background, and have a rich filter as you like, then Pixomatic is one of the best choices today. You can download the Pixomatic app to try it out here.

Download Pixomatic Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v5.10.1 (110M)

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Download Pixomatic apk from google play

Download Pixomatic apk from google play

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