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Editing music right on mobile is a joke? Definitely not. Now nothing can’t be done when there is a professional music editing application like Mstudio MOD APK.

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    • Mstudio is also a custom music player and file manager
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Introduce about Mstudio

If you want to do anything with an audio file, Mstudio is enough!

What is Mstudio?

Mstudio is a professional audio editing application. It is free, extremely convenient, and fast to use on your daily mobile phone. With Mstudio, you can do a lot of things from basic to advanced with music and audio files such as trim mp3 files, merge files, adjust volume, add filters, increase or decrease tempo, add effects…

In general, if you have any needs related to audio adjustment, come here.

Results after using Mstudio

Mstudio is one of the highly appreciated versatile music editing applications on the mobile platform. After using, you will have smooth, high-quality edited music and audio files thanks to the advanced filters built into Mstudio. This file can also be converted into different formats depending on the needs and devices used, or quickly shared with friends via popular social networks.

Even if you want, you can create a series of unique and personal ringtones with this Mstudio music sound editing tool.

Mstudio is also a custom music player and file manager

Not only is an ingenious editing tool, Mstudio is also a place where you can safely entrust all your music files. And when needed, you can play without worrying about any audio format because Mstudio is compatible with and can handle all types of music files currently on the market.

Moreover, Mstudio is also a place for you to store music files. It will help you create your own themed collections as well as manage these music files so that they can be found quickly when needed. All files will be arranged neatly by its album, author, format, and release date. Even if you want to search by keyword without remembering exactly, you can find it easily because the search engine in Mstudio is highly intelligent and sensitive.

The best function of Mstudio

The ability to cut and merge music files is a big difference and the most powerful feature in the audio editing stages of Mstudio. Its operation is extremely simple. You just need to select the songs with the components you want to cut, then cut them apart to get the right segment to use. After that, use the Join feature to join these segments together with a face-to-face touch. In the process of cutting and merging, you can deeply customize such as choosing the beginning and ending points, increasing, or decreasing the volume, fading in, fading out, creating transition effects between two junctions to make them smoother and more natural.

Using Mstudio, you will completely control over a wide range of professional audio editing features such as Mp3 cutter, Mp3 Player, Mp3 Merger, Mp3 Mixer, Mp3 Extractor, Change Tempo, Change Pitch, Mp3 Converter, Mp3 Mutter, Mp3 Omitter, and Mp3 Splitter. There are many things when it comes to adjusting the sound but all you need comes down to the list of items above. Therefore, although Mstudio is easy to use and the operation structure is concise, it is always highly appreciated by users for the results obtained as well as the smoothness of the finished product.

Main features of Mstudio

Mp3 Player

High-quality audio playback with a simple, easy-to-see interface. This feature will help you easily browse and play tracks by song, album, artist. All are also clearly managed, specifically in each folder that is easier to manage. Mstudio’s Mp3 Player also has a lot of interfaces for you to choose to decorate your music player.

Mp3 cutter

Cut music files to make ringtones. That means you’ll be cutting the best part from the tracks to create some of your own favorite tunes. These sound pieces can be used to make ringtones, alarm tones or any type of notification on the device. To support this function, Mstudio allows users to choose the starting point, ending point, total duration, 3-level zoom function. All your handling will be smooth and simple.

Mp3 Merger

Merge as many songs as desired. All you need to do is just selecting one or more songs, then this function will help you to make a single song from the “selected resource” without losing sound quality. Mp3 Merger can easily merge diverse types of music files such as One MP3 file and one WAVE track without any problems.

Mp3 Mixer

Sometimes we even want to create an artistic mashup or remix. You can use Mstudio’s Mixer feature to mix two tracks of any format together, and you can set the total length of the whole song after the mashup. For those who like to sing, this tool is extremely useful.

Video To Audio

In this feature, Mstudio will help you convert any video file into an audio file as an optional audio file format. You can also choose the speed, channel, bit rate for your output audio file..

Mp3 Converter

Help you convert audio files from one format to another. Mp3 Converter supports many formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A encoders. And when transferring, we can always choose the speed 32 kbps, 64 kbps, 128 kbps…, which is very convenient.

Speed Changer

Select an audio file from a pre-existing Playlist, and optionally change the speed of the audio.

In addition, Mstudio also supports a series of very detailed sub-features such as: Mute Audio, Video Mute, Audio Splitter, Audio Omitter, Audio Recorder…

MOD APK version of Mstudio

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Mstudio MOD APK for Android

If you have any needs on audio files from playing music, managing music files to connecting, editing, adding effects, pairing, recording things… then you don’t need to think much. Just download Mstudio and use it to get many things in one app.

Download Mstudio Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v3.0.29 (30M)

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Download Mstudio apk from google play

Download Mstudio apk from google play

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