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Download Planta Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v1.8.7Download Planta Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v1.8.7Download Planta Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v1.8.7Download Planta Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v1.8.7

Planta MOD APK is an app that helps you a lot in growing ornamental plants at home. From watering and fertilizing reminders to weather notifications, room lighting, and plant diagnostics, you’ll find all the information you need to keep your plants alive.

  • Introduce about Planta
    • What is Planta?
    • Smart Care Reminders
    • Planta gives step-by-step guides
    • Suggest a suitable place for each type of plant
    • Encyclopedia of green plants on mobile
    • Plant Journal
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Introduce about Planta

Set individual care schedules and reminders for your plants with Planta!

What is Planta?

Planta is an app that helps you take care of plants at home. Currently, the application is widely used and received a lot of good feedback. The Planta community now has more than 2 million users and has a database of more than 8 million plants.

In Planta, there is all the information inside and out to help you plan and take care of the tree properly, from which the tree grows green and maintains its longevity. There are many useful features like smart reminders, information on the species you’re looking to plant, step-by-step instructions so everyone can get started, tools to measure the natural conditions of the day, and provide scenes Alerts when needed… With Planta’s feature set, you can ensure the best growing conditions for your plants. Now let’s take a look at each of the main features of this app in detail.

Smart Care Reminders

One of the problems of growers is not knowing how often to water once. Few people have the patience to sit down and record the schedule of watering the plants to remind them. But now, this difficulty has been solved by Planta.

Planta will tell you what kind of plant it is, given its height and type, how many days it should be watered. In addition, the app will automatically integrate information about the geographical area, weather, temperature, and light of the area where the plants are growing, thereby giving a specific watering schedule. You just need to take a picture of the tree and put it into the application, everything on the schedule will be available right away.

Every time you go to a certain task, Planta will automatically send you a notification or notification via phone ringing to water the plants, fertilize, mist, clean, or pick up the yellow leaves. Just follow the schedule that Planta offers, and you can keep your plants alive.

Planta gives step-by-step guides

You want to take care of, really want to grow green and grow every day, but don’t know where to start. Planta will also help you. With a list of specific, step-by-step guides from the first day you bring him home, you can take care of and grow the plant yourself without much effort.

Planta also has a large community of more than 2 million people who also have the same hobby of growing your seedlings. Exchanging and learning from them can bring you many useful facts.

Suggest a suitable place for each type of plant

Each type of plant will have its own natural characteristics and requirements. There are plants that like wind and dew, there are plants that just like dry, sunny weather, they can stay indoors all the time, plants need to be exposed to the outside… Planta has a light and temperature meter tool, which will help compatibility between the type of plant you are growing has the characteristics of every corner of the house, and recommend a suitable place for each plant.

For those who do not know anything about plants but want to place plants in many corners of the house, this is an extremely beneficial feature. The database of 8 million species of plants is also a great advantage of Planta in recording and matching each light and temperature condition of the place you are in.

Encyclopedia of green plants on mobile

I mentioned earlier that just taking a photo of your plant and the app will make everything about the care schedule accordingly. To do this, Planta has integrated a plant scanner in the software, along with a huge database. Users can scan all the plants in the house and find out a series of corresponding information about this plant, in just a few seconds.

Such information includes:

  • Common names, scientific names of plants
  • Natural features, soil, development process, growth characteristics, related images from the app user community
  • All information on how to take care of plants, schedule, and reminders

Plant Journal

In the process of growing and caring for plants at home, you can use Planta to make a tree care diary: record pictures of the development stages, important notes, remember the time of first flowering, a few facts about this plant. Keeping this diary will also help you to love and bond with the plants you are growing more.

MOD APK version of Planta

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Planta APK & MOD for Android

Planta is a small app, but the utility and comfort brought are not small. Whenever you want to experience growing plants at home, you should download Planta to use.


Download Planta Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v1.8.7 (8M)

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Download Planta apk from google play

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