Download Zombie Night Terror Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.5

Zombie Night Terror MOD APK is an extremely exciting zombie game from the publisher Plug in Digital. Unlike Zombie Castaways or Zombie Tsunami, … the storm-causing game on PC brings completely new gameplay and story. The plot is similar to the movie Zombieland (2009), a person eating an infected sandwich and spreading the disease globally. After eating something I don’t know, you will become the first infected person in this zombie pandemic and spread extreme terror to the world. With a large number of zombies in your hand, complete the mission to spread the pandemic to the whole world and wipe out humanity from this planet! Oh my God, it’s crazy!

  • Control stupid zombie hordes
  • Challenges
  • Become a nightmare in Zombie Night Terror
  • Pixel graphics
  • Overview

Control stupid zombie hordes

In other zombie-killing games, zombie hordes seem more intelligent and aggressive. But in Zombie Night Terror, these brain-eaters don’t seem to have brains and are really silly. You can’t imagine how stupid they are. When not controlled, they always go forward and fall into human traps. They really need guidance to get “delicious meals”. Therefore, to complete the mission, control them smartly.

Download Zombie Night Terror Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.5

To serve your command, there will be a lot of support features. You can use many special mutations to evolve your zombie army. Mutations will create more powerful new zombies. They will become more aggressive and bloodthirsty to satisfy their hunger.


Don’t expect that with crowded zombies obey your commands absolutely, you’ll easily win. Not really! In Zombie Night Terror, those who oppose you are human beings – weaker but smarter people. All the survivors are tricking and defeating your zombie army if you don’t really have a good strategy. On the way, the number of traps is extremely large and dangerous. On the contrary, the zombies are stupid. That requires leaders to have very thinking, solving difficult puzzles. Moreover, the higher level, the more you must fight with stronger enemies.

Download Zombie Night Terror Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.5

The more you approach the goal of destroying the world, the more survivors will be more resilient to fight you and they want to clear your army of zombies out of the world. Thus, it requires that you have to be very alert and make perfect strategies. Prove that you are smarter and stronger than all.

Become a nightmare in Zombie Night Terror

When battles in Zombie Night Terror begin, it is also when all the tension and attraction begin. Humans are ready to fight to the end. So use all that you have. However, in each game, you will have many lessons and find a better way to win.

Download Zombie Night Terror Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.5

Those features that serve you are not only mutated to create stronger new zombies. You can also use a variety of different zombies to create beautiful combos and blow enemies away. This requires creativity and unexpected performance. In addition, in the apocalyptic zombie world, humans are always cunning and hiding. So let the mighty army crush all to find your own “meals.” Let those annoying people know what a “real fun” is.

Pixel graphics

Contrary to current games, Zombie Night Terror selects pixel graphics as its mainstream style. However, the game context is quite diverse and suitable. For example, the scenery of the forest, the factory, the hospital or the street of the moon night …

Download Zombie Night Terror Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.5

The main colors are only white and black, giving the feeling of horror like old horror movies. Moreover, the sound of zombies is always something very attractive and crazy for a night full of blood and meat.


All are ready for a horrifying night and to spread extreme fears to the world. Are you ready for this fierce and horror battle? Download Zombie Night Terror immediately to your phone and join the journey of spreading the disease. More specifically, this game is free but without ads and in-app purchases. Great!

Download Zombie Night Terror Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.5 (215M)

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Download Zombie Night Terror apk from google play

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