Download Xenowerk Tactics Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.2.9

Do you like strategy games? Download Xenowerk Tactics MOD APK and take part in a campaign to protect the world from biological weapons.

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Introduce about Xenowerk Tactics

Xenowerk Tactics is released by Pixelbite, a publisher from Sweden. This game allows you to download it for free, but to unlock the full story and features of the game, you need to pay in-app. When downloading the free version, you can select “Play for free” to start the game. If you have difficulty with the payment process, you can download the MOD version (full version) of APKMODY. Our MOD version has unlocked all the features, you can download it via the link below the article.


Why are Arctic research facilities so unlucky? The cold outpost in Xenowerk Tactics was ambushed by the mutants right from the opening moment. What a typical scenario! But unlike horror movies or science fiction series, this strategy game will put the fate of heroes in your hands. As a commander, you will supervise everything, from recruiting members, manage the emergency response team, providing weapons and supplies for them to manage their base, while also ensuring they are taken care of full medical attention.

Download Xenowerk Tactics Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.2.9


Xenowerk Tactics is a strategy game, so you don’t need too much control. As a commander, you need to find the right strategy so that your soldiers can complete the campaign and survive the war. If you want to control your entire task force, double-tap on one location. If you just want a character to move, drag the character and drop them into the position you want.

Download Xenowerk Tactics Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.2.9

Guns, grenades, tools, and mutant powers all play a role in Xenowerk Tactics missions, whether you’re trying to secure a safe zone, rescuing missing allies or completing the missions before other armies. But this is only part of the game.

The more subtle aspects, such as the army’s social dynamics and the way they respond to unexpected events, are equally important. When exploring the jungle, swamps and secret laboratories, a team of 3 will face random encounters, mostly to defeat the attackers, but occasionally encounter harmless things like dislocated ankle and bad jokes. Because eating a poisonous mushroom is as dangerous as having a slimy mutant, proper preparation and planning are crucial.


Every soldier of Xenowerk Tactics has a different skill. For example, MCowen has the ability to place a gun turret at your chosen location. Maulder is a female warrior, she often threw a grenade to take down a large number of enemies. Therefore, choosing a squad of 3 is very important. It greatly affects your tactics and how you survive the campaign.

Download Xenowerk Tactics Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.2.9

Base camp

You are protected in a large base camp. With buildings here – including barracks, hospitals, armories and spas – you can manage, maintain and upgrade your characters. If you’ve lost the most important member on a dangerous mission, go to the recruitment center and register a few new faces!


Your soldiers cannot recover after each campaign. They need to be treated in a hospital. If they die, you can no longer use them. To treat many patients, you need to upgrade your hospital.


Xenowerk Tactics offers you the Spa feature. When your soldiers use Spa, they will significantly increase experience points. They will gain a stat boost, unlocking new skills when they up to new levels.


Weapons are an indispensable friend of every soldier on the battlefield. If you own powerful weapons, you will have many advantages and increase your chances of survival. You can upgrade the weapons and armor of each character in the Armory.


As one of the top strategy games, instead of using modern graphics technology, Xenowerk Tactics chooses 2D images in pixel format. Images of the game remind us of old games like Contra. The map of the game is quite dark, slimy and somewhat scary. You can feel the danger in every campaign. Despite using an overhead view, sometimes you still feel startled whenever monsters appear from the night.

Download Xenowerk Tactics Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.2.9

MOD APK version of Xenowerk Tactics

MOD features

Unlocked: The MOD version is the paid version of Xenowerk Tactics. The MOD version has unlocked the full storyline, features and campaigns for free. You can select New Game to start a campaign.

How to install the MOD version

Since this is a game that needs to install an OBB file, you may have a little difficulty installing it. Here are some steps for you to install the MOD version:

  • First, download the MOD APK file and OBB file via the link below the article.
  • If you installed the original game from Google Play, please uninstall it.
  • Unzip the file and copy the com.pixelbite.xwt folder to Android/obb.
  • Install the APK file as usual.
  • Open the game, select New Game, select Difficulty (Hard or Easy) to start a campaign.
  • Download Xenowerk Tactics MOD APK for Android

    With a fascinating combination of base building genre, strategic combat and character development, just get a happy ending for the army of heroes in hazmat costumes is just like you have conquered Xenowerk Tactics already. Are you ready to participate in a campaign to protect the planet?

    Download Xenowerk Tactics Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.2.9 (599M)

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    Download Xenowerk Tactics apk from google play

    Download Xenowerk Tactics apk from google play

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