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Haunted Dorm
Android 5.0

Download Haunted Dorm Apk Mod[No] v1.0Download Haunted Dorm Apk Mod[No] v1.0Download Haunted Dorm Apk Mod[No] v1.0Download Haunted Dorm Apk Mod[No] v1.0

Haunted Dorm APK is a tower defense game unlike any other you’ve ever encountered. You may think it is easy, but it turns out to be not easy. You may think it is fun, it turns out to be both fun and creepy. Well, you have all the “spice” in this little game.

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    • Impressive with unique minimalist graphics and strange gloomy feeling 
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Introduce about Haunted Dorm

Multiplayer, horror tower defense game: War against Ghosts in the horror dormitory


Haunted Dorm is a horror game where you battle the enemy by strategy. In this multiplayer online game, you and all other players will be in the same building where a ghost is about to attack.

Everyone knows this well, so they try their best to defend and collect the money by all means (playing minigames, for example) to continuously build strong defense systems that both repel the ghost and have a chance to win it.


When finding information about the gameplay of Haunted Dorm, you can come across countless comments like this:

  • “The game is very good, fast-paced, heart-wrenching but still funny”
  • “After playing for a while, I realized that everyone was really confused like me, where were the ghosts coming from???”
  • “Nice and unique concept! I can play it over and over again and I never get bored”
  • “Small game but amazing!”

The task of each player in Haunted Dorm is to build a small tower, a safe system to make the ghost difficult to find, and reach to catch you. The longer you sleep, the more money you earn.

This money will be used to continue upgrading and building additional internal and external systems to better block ghosts. Upgrade the doors, increase the counterattack power for the tower to counter the ghost… and you will find a way to do the best for your own battle.

When you start playing, you only have a small empty room in gloomy, dark colors. Not only a ghost but also any stranger suddenly appearing is enough to make you cringe. In that defenseless situation, you most clearly feel that you are in many dangers.

So, you begin the journey to earn money to build protective utilities for the room. Play minigames so hard and make construction choices that fit your budget. Depending on your calculation, you can choose to go a long way with big projects requiring a lot of money and effort, but once built, it is guaranteed to block the ghost. Or you can follow the strategy of spending as much as you can. Every coin earned from minigames will be spent building small clusters of furniture, meticulous tools to create layers of obstacles for the ghost. Both ways are up to you.

Just work with the money gained through mini-games and successfully block the ghost, and you will slowly expand your advantage. From the dark and gloomy corridors, everything gradually lights up and the future where you can block and even destroy the ghosts gets closer and closer.

The beauty of Haunted Dorm is that it has the most moderate design, the gameplay is simple, but the drama and the feeling of being chased are very creepy. The scary empty drum initially awakes the anxiety in the players’ hearts. And the fact that the ghost can suddenly appear at any time, grab your neck, and scream in terror is also a factor that leads to your suspense. Sometimes you will find yourself not daring to breathe hard. Because if you just neglect for a second, the ghost may appear immediately.

Roughly your only mission is SURVIVAL. At any cost, any tactic or manner, you must survive as long as possible. If the ghost is killed by you, you win. And vice versa. There are only two very clear endings in the gloomy Haunted Dorm setting. Standing between the lines of life and death, you will have the opportunity to unleash many hidden talents when playing this horror game.

Impressive with unique minimalist graphics and strange gloomy feeling 

There’s nothing to say about overly simplistic 2D graphics here. But that makes players curious. Amidst a forest of colorful 3D role-playing games, and a variety of fun, vibrant and bright style defense strategy games, Haunted Dorm appears as typical of a black sheep in the family.

However, that different first impression is just enough to pull players to try the game. The core of the game’s success comes from the traditional but attractive tower-defense gameplay mixed with horror and sensational elements that are exploited very well. I believe it will make it impossible for any player to stop once starting.

Haunted Dorm is also dedicated to exploiting different perspectives, both bringing new experiences and helping players not get discouraged when running away from ghosts. Even the most novice or skilled player will be able to overcome those amazing levels with the help of these diverse viewing angles.

Download Haunted Dorm APK for Android

Haunted Dorm is a tower defense game worth playing on mobile. If you want to find a new horror feeling, want to show off your tower-defense skills, and want to experience a completely different game from what is currently available, Haunted Dorm is here for you! 


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