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With Purple Diver MOD APK (No Ads), you will experience the art of dancing and dancing with diving as a true athlete. Olympic gold medalist belongs to Russian athlete Ilya Zakharov and it is still waiting for you to conquer. Let the world set a new record with your own name!

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Introduce about Purple Diver

Referring to France, many people will immediately think of the romantic and romantic Paris capital with the Eiffel Tower, others will think of the sumptuous and splendid fashion capital. As for me, like many other mobile game lovers, I will think of Voodoo. No need to say more about the successes and joys that this famous game publisher brings.

After the resounding success of familiar games like Helix Jump and, this time VOODOO continues to launch an attractive arcade game. It is Purple Diver. Even though there are so many arcade-style games on the market, Voodoo still knows how to make a difference with unique creations.

Simple gameplay

Purple Diver has simple gameplay similar to Flip Master. You will dive in the pool with Olympic standard equipment like springboards and deep-level pools. During the free fall from the springboards, the more difficult and beautiful movements you perform, the more points you get. All actions done above must be consistent with the required goal. Complete the challenge and become the champion.

A very simple way to play. Everything you have to do is based on the touch of the screen. Touch and hold on the screen so your athletes are ready and released so they start jumping. While free-falling in midair, press and hold the screen to perform Santo jump, flips or backflips gestures, etc. Still bearing the style of Voodoo, simple gameplay but to master it It is a long time persevering practice. Once you get used to it, you can improve your skills and create thousands of delicate and beautiful jumping.

However, this game is not limited to jump time so you have plenty of time to align and prepare for the show.


In contrast to a simple play, the challenges of Purple Diver are much more difficult. The difficulty of the challenge is proportional to the levels. To pass each level, you must fulfil the requirements set forth earlier. Initially just simple tasks with the purpose of helping you adapt to the gameplay. It could be simple acrobatics or touching a duck float when touching the water.

Over time, the requirements will become more and more difficult with many requirements such as Depth or deep diving with Duck Depth. The depth requirement is very difficult when you have to calculate how to choose the contact position so that the deepest diving. Still, you have to touch the float and dive again. It is indeed very difficult. Not to mention that after each level is completed, the pools change shape and are smaller. If not careful, you can jump out of the pool and collide with the brick floor. I don’t want to think about what happens next.

Some tips

The challenges in Purple Diver are really tough. I think you need some tips here to get the best results.

  • Depth: To achieve the required depth, the way you are exposed to water (Entry) is extremely important. You can “land” with your head, back, abdomen or legs, but, according to the physical rules, you should contact the water when the body is perpendicular to the water.
  • Duck Depth: This is the most challenging goal in the game. Because it was difficult to touch the duck at an altitude of over 20m, adding the depth you need to dive. It’s hard to find an effective tip. So, the only way is practising it a lot!

The above tips are just to help you easily adapt to the difficult challenges of the game. If you accidentally made a beautiful acrobatic unprecedented phase, give your name to that move. The world will have to remind you of your name. Simpler, if you find other tips, don’t hesitate to comment below for everyone!

Unlock new characters

When you dive into the clear blue water, you will receive gold coins. They help you unlock new features. You can unlock new pools with fancy shapes or open new athletes. In addition, you can use gold coins to participate in training your divers to improve their skills. If gold money changes to medals, it is much more interesting, right?

MOD APK version of Purple Diver

MOD feature

No Ads

Download Purple Diver MOD APK for Android

With fun and challenging gameplay, Purple Diver once again confirms Voodoo’s legendary gameplay. Easy to play but hard to win, simple but addictive. And to talk about graphics… there’s nothing to say. It is optimized so it can be easily compatible with any Android device. But not because of that, losing the beautiful images of aerobatics in the air. Your experience may be more perfect if the game doesn’t have too many ads. Please disconnect the internet! If you love this game, leave a comment below the article.

Download Purple Diver Apk Mod[No Ads] v1.8.0 (69M)

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Download Purple Diver apk from google play

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