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Sixit APK is a puzzle game from the publisher Star Garden Games. In the game, you play the role of an anonymous suddenly becoming a hero who has the responsibility of saving the village from a mysterious storm.

  • Sixit: Reluctant hero takes the responsibility of awakening the sacred Dragon
    • Story of the hero Sixit
    • So now, our only hope is you
    • Sixit is a collection of many “strange”
    • Graphics and sound
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Sixit: Reluctant hero takes the responsibility of awakening the sacred Dragon

Story of the hero Sixit

Someone is texting you a message. “Once upon a time, on a stormy day, the prophet informed us that “it” would come”. This is not exactly an ordinary storm, but a much more terrible one. As a fully conscious storm, it is searching for something and then leaving countless unhappiness as well as darkness in the forest. Only the powerful dragon, Mitera, can kill this storm. We have followed the prophecy’s guidance and did all we could. Dragon Mitera had fulfilled his role and was sleeping at the foot of the mountain, recovering from the great battle that year.

Download Sixit Apk Mod[No] v2.2106.2100

But now, that ferocious storm once again comes and is much crueler than before. We, the survivors of the hurricane that year, worked hard to explain and remind everyone of the terrifying event but they all seem to have forgotten their fears and what their ancestors went through.

So now, our only hope is you

You need to do something to protect this place. Awaken the legendary dragon Mitera as only it can defeat this monster storm. Once Mitera was summoned, the whole sky would obey the dragon’s command and swarm to destroy the hurricane.

It all begins with such a gentle but full of pressure way in Sixit. And you, the hero, will officially enter the battle. In the game, you are a certain animal that is very cute and adorable, and full of enthusiasm. You will step by step explore the forest, solve each puzzle you encounter on the way to save each person in the village from a great storm. And more importantly, find 6 mysterious antiques to awaken the dragon Mitera. After that, the legend will help you and the whole village repel the storm forever.

Sixit is a collection of many “strange”

The first strange thing is in the name: Sixit. According to the publisher, it has many meanings. It indicates that players can use up to 6 actions to solve each puzzle in the game and also means to refer to 6 antiques you must collect to “activate” the God Dragon.

The second strange thing is the gameplay and requirements of the game. Everyone knows this is a puzzle game, but you cannot just touch and choose the answer like other classic games. In Sixit, you will both explore the mysteries surrounding the forest, and use 6 actions to solve the difficult puzzle at each scene.

Download Sixit Apk Mod[No] v2.2106.2100

The next strange thing is how to choose the characters. The plot sounds like just for adults but the character lines in Sixit are very childish and cute. You will play as Pep, a very cute animal. The “inhabitants” of the forest are all different species of animals. Each species has its distinctive features and is quite typical in its temperament. For example, crocodiles like to pretend to lure people to do useless and time-wasting things, sparrows are fragile and afraid of loneliness … When you meet each of them, you should stop to talk to them to find clues to a puzzle or to receive a request before finding the antiquity.

I think Sixit has a lot of dialogues which sometimes are a bit too long. Listening to each of your words all the time seems like a waste of time, but it may be helpful with those wanting to practice English ^ _ ^ Just kidding! You also need to pay attention to these dialogues because sometimes may contain a hint of the antiquity you are looking for as well as many other small but surprisingly important details. If you just go through it, you will never find the truth.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are super cute. The animal figures in the forest are just outstanding with bright color schemes, and each of them has its unmistakable character.

The surrounding scenery is also diverse, from bright scenes to dark tones of night, every corner of the forest is shown in the game, promising to bring you a colorful adventure.

Download Sixit Apk Mod[No] v2.2106.2100

The sound in the game is gentle, with no elements of splash or complicated effects. It helps to put the player’s attention and energy into dialogue and puzzle-solving. This is a very thoughtful intention of the publisher.

Download Sixit APK for Android

Sixit is probably the cutest and most interesting puzzle game that I can download on my Android phone. Anyone can play this game, even a 5-year-old kid.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Sixit APK and play now!

Download Sixit Apk Mod[No] v2.2106.2100 (62M)

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Download Sixit apk from google play

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