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Mr Bullet MOD APK (Unlocked All) is the latest puzzle game released by Lion Studios. This is a famous publisher with simple puzzle games with familiar topics in life.

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About Mr Bullet

Normally, a good sniper can take down a person with a bullet. But what if he took down three people with just one bullet? Let Mister Bullet answer your questions because he’s the best assassin and spy you know.

Although they have only started developing mobile games in a few years, their games have always been interested in a large number of players because of their simple but very interesting gameplay. Referring to this publisher, you can think of some games like Happy Glass (filled with a glass of water) or i Peel Good (peel fruit). Now, join with Mister Bullet to protect the world in his secret missions.

Save the world from bad guys

Mister Bullet is a skilled spy like James Bond. He is often sent to kill bad guys, thugs, mafia, zombies or even aliens. With a gun, he can take down any enemy.

Although the main content is shooting, Mr Bullet plays in a puzzle style. That is, you must find a way to defeat as many enemies as possible with the minimum number of bullets. The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand, anyone can start whether you are an adult or a 7-year-old boy (however the game requires you to be 16 years of age due to violent factors). With a vertical screen, players can play easily with one finger by drag and drop to shoot.

By touching the screen, you can adjust the gun and shoot in the direction you choose. There are two things you need to consider, the number of bullets and the environment. Some levels appear more green blocks. They can be pushed or broken when hit by bullets. Besides, dynamite is an effective way for you to defeat many enemies near each other.

Hundreds of levels

If you’ve played Angry Birds, you can easily see the similarities between these two games. Both games require you to shoot correctly, complete the requirement of a level. Currently, Mr Bullet has hundreds of levels corresponding to the brain-twisting challenge for your brain. But that is not all. As you go through the stages, you have the opportunity to explore many locations with different types of enemies. For example, you will fight with zombies in Graveyard, the mafia in Bullet City, Ninja in Shogun’s Castle.

Some tips you may need

One thing you need to know when playing Mr Bullet, you can’t always complete a level with 3 stars with one bullet. When the yellow bullet appears on your screen, it shows the minimum number of bullets for you to pass the level with 3 stars.

Double-tap on the screen helps you to make double shots. On some levels with multiple wooden boxes, the second bullet will hit the target before the upper boxes fall down.

Watching ads can help you x2 the bonuses on a level. Each ad lasts about 30 seconds, you can view them and increase the amount of bonus.


Instead of monotonous levels, Mr Bullet has a lot of extremely interesting and creative modes for you to choose from.

  • Classic: Pass each level with the maximum number of stars. There is no time limit, relax and find the best way to complete the level.
  • Grenades: Like the Classic mode, but instead of a pistol, your weapon is a grenade.
  • Hostages: Hostage rescue mode. In this mode, a hostage appears wearing a white shirt. You need to kill the enemy and ensure the safety of the hostages.
  • Friendy Fire: You can die if the bullet hits you. Be careful!
  • Missions: There are many different missions. You need to complete 5 stages to be counted as completing the mission.
  • Seasons: Overcome challenges and receive many valuable rewards.
  • Duel: Play with friends. Log in, invite and challenge your friends in PvP matches to find out who is the better spy.

Unlock suits, weapons

Many things are unlocked when you successfully complete the level. First, the game owns a series of interesting suits for you to choose from. You can turn this spy guy into a king, a vampire, a retired spy or even a female agent. Very simple, unlock the suits in Shop.

Weapons are an important thing for a spy like Mister Bullet. He has three basic weapons including a pistol, grenade and bazooka. Normally, you can easily complete the task with just one bullet. Grenades and bazookas can be unlocked and used in some special modes.


Similar to the previous puzzle games of Lion Studios, Mr Bullet has quite simple, funny 2D graphics with many colors. Graphics bring comfort and relaxation for players. If you’re starting to get frustrated with graphics-intensive games like PUBG Mobile, this game is a perfect choice. Because the graphics are not too detailed, the game easily runs on many Android devices, including a low-end phone.

MOD APK version of Mr Bullet

Using our Mr Bullet (MOD Unlocked) helps you own a large amount of money, through which you can unlock any suits you want.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Skins Unlocked

Download Mr Bullet MOD APK for Android

I really like Mr Bullet. Each level only lasts about 10 seconds, so it does not consume too much playing time. I can relax with this game on the bus, during breaks or while drinking a cup of coffee. Although not as stressful as traditional shooting games, but the missions of Spy agents can still make you feel “headache” and brain-twisting.

Download Mr Bullet Apk Mod[Unlocked All] v5.15 (46M)

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Download Mr Bullet apk from google play

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