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Homo Machina APK is a surreal and colorful puzzle game from the publisher ARTE Experience. In the game, you not only play but also admire the unique inspirational art full of education.

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Introduce about Homo Machina

The science-inspired and surreal puzzle game contains many educational messages about the importance of health.


Have you ever imagined how complicated your body is? The Creator must be a genius scientist to create the perfect human body so smoothly. Homo Machina is an inspirational puzzle game inspired by the work of the pioneer scientist of all time, Fritz Kahn.

Imagine yourself as a Creator, in front of you now is a SUPER HUMAN BODY MACHINE. What will you have to do to make that machine work, operate like a normal person? Eat, breathe, and love. Everything can happen. To see and decipher how your body works, let’s play this Homo Machina game.


You will begin your rather crazy journey to solve these surreal physics-based puzzles to really understand the inner workings of the human body.

The human body here is a machine, no, it should be called a Giant Factory, which was born and operated in 1920 (inspired by the famous scientific work of Fritz Kahn). Fritz Kahn was a pioneer of infographics and popular science. He makes it easier to understand to help people improve their knowledge of the human body.

Download Homo Machina Apk Mod[No] v1.6.30Download Homo Machina Apk Mod[No] v1.6.30Download Homo Machina Apk Mod[No] v1.6.30

In the intricate structure of this Body Factory, everything has been meticulously arranged. Nerves, blood vessels, valves, veins are all in their right place. You just need to control them so that they connect properly and work smoothly, at the right time, in the right place. The big goal of the game is to help that massive body work well, from walking 30 steps to moving and working well throughout the day.

Each level will extend the body’s daily activity time. In each level, there are many small scenes divided by normal daily actions such as opening eyes, chewing toast, listening to music through instant navigation of the body parts together. In general, the most common operation of the player is main navigation.

But to do this (deciding which one to turn left/right), you have to strain your eyes to observe the relationship of each part, even if it’s just a tiny blood vessel. With just one move in the wrong direction, you can block everything. Small organs, large organs stop working, dragging the whole body to a halt, and have problems. The problem is sometimes very serious like while chewing, you get a choke on the breathing tube and then stop breathing and then stop the factory. Or when emotions run high, the heart beats hard but is not guided properly, then the heart stops working… and… you know… ‘True love’, when it comes to the concept of this Body Factory, is not an easy or romantic thing.

In addition to the coordination task, Homo Machina also has a lot of interesting conversations. They take place between a woolgathering factory executive, an overburdened body commander, a diligent secretary, and a team of workers who actively work all day and night to ensure the continuous operation of the human body factory.

Deep lesson

Honestly, after playing this game, the biggest lesson for me is going back to make my body healthier. Just remembering how hard I sweated just to swallow a piece of cake and bring it from my mouth to my stomach is enough to understand how much my body has tried to be able to function properly every day for many years. I don’t dare to skip breakfast anymore. I eat on time to have enough energy, do not dare to despise the signs of the body’s protest, and do not dare to stay up late to play games, nor dare to snack on fast food anymore. Yes, I love my body more and appreciate it more than ever.

I believe that after playing this game, you will feel like me too. No matter how you torture the body every day, come here you will understand how complicated and precious it is.

It is also a pretty good lesson for young people and those who do not love themselves enough. The squandering of health is the most foolish kind of squander.

Download Homo Machina APK free for Android

Those of you who want to learn the first and most important life lesson around the value of the body and how to keep it right should play Homo Machina. It is a good game with beautiful colors, excellent simulation and its puzzles are both easy and difficult but always interesting. 

Download Homo Machina Apk Mod[No] v1.6.30 (381M)

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