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In Girl Genius! MOD APK, the latest puzzle game from the publisher Lion Studios, you become a “professional” female spy, specializing in investigating the adultery of your own promiscuous fiance.

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Introduce about Girl Genius!

The story

Who says a woman can’t be a good spy? When a woman’s fiance is cheating, she becomes a super spy with the professional skills to investigate the person who broke her happiness. The main character in the game Girl Genius! is an example of what I just said. On her wedding day, her fiancé always looks at other girls. A series of signs like the ceiling lamp about to fall, the car breaking down like someone wants to sabotage her wedding.

After her husband said he was going to the toilet, but more than 30 minutes, he has yet to return. Hunching that something was going on, she went into the bathroom and noticed her fiancé kissing another girl. She decided to find all the evidence of her husband’s adultery to make it public in front of everyone.

Another handsome guy confessed to you right after you kicked the fiancee. He takes you to a villa in a supercar, wants you to live a happy life with him.


If you’ve played Save The Girl, a similar puzzle game from Lion Studios, you’ll quickly understand how to play Girl Genius!. The puzzles are arranged in a storyline, meaning that you will develop the game’s story by solving puzzles.

Realistic puzzles of Girl Genius! not difficult. It’s more entertaining than just a dry puzzle game. You enjoy the storyline and solve some problems in the lives of the two main characters. When her boyfriend is flirting with another girl, what do you do with that girl? When you are dating your boyfriend at a restaurant, a thief is stealthily filming you. What should you do?

However, besides puzzles that require intelligence, skillful manners in life, Girl Genius! still has some quite illogical, humorous puzzles. When the protagonist’s boyfriend is sneakily kissing a girl in the bathroom, instead of opening the door, you use the eraser to clear all walls of the room, letting everyone at the party see the cheater.

Complete your mansion

According to the original storyline, your new boyfriend inherits from a family mansion in the suburbs. However, it doesn’t look good. The whole villa has deteriorated. The windows were broken, the curtains were torn, all interiors were broken. The living room floor even had a hole in it, like a refrigerator that had fallen.

But it doesn’t matter! It’s important that you love that man, and that you want to start a new life with him. The mansion feature is unlocked after the 5th puzzle. After each puzzle, you get about 100 coins. You will use that money to renovate the mansion, making it a dream home for everyone. If the curtains have torn, replace them with a new one. Paint the walls, remove the old owner’s trash, and replace the broken furniture with modern ones.

Of course, the upgrade level will increase over time. You need to play harder to get the money to reimburse your dream mansion. If you feel the amount is too high, you can download Girl Genius! MOD APK version via the link below the article.

Unlock skins and pets

Besides, you can also use the money to unlock the main character girl with interesting outfits such as spy suits, wedding dresses, Catwoman, military uniforms, prehistoric fur clothes, …

Pets are also one of the many things you can buy with coins. You will feed them in the mansion. However, they do require you to complete the storyline up to the required number of levels. You need to reach level 6 to unlock the cat. Pets such as dogs, parrots, or donkeys will gradually unlock when you reach level 22.


Girl Genius! has cute cartoon 2D graphics, like the cartoon movies for kids. Bright image, creating a pleasant feeling for the player.

MOD APK version of Girl Genius!

MOD feature

Free Rewards: You don’t need to see ads to get rewards.

Download Girl Genius! MOD APK for Android

I often play Girl Genius! to entertain every spare time. It’s very interesting and funny. However, since it has some content that is not suitable for children, it requires you to be at least 12 years old.

One minus point is that the game has a lot of advertising. You should disconnect from the internet while playing for a smooth experience.

Download Girl Genius! Apk Mod[Free Rewards] v1.1.4 (123M)

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Download Girl Genius! apk from google play

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