Download Splashy Dots Apk Mod[Unlimited Hints, No Ads] v1.3.6

Splashy Dots MOD APK (Unlimited Hints, No Ads) is not only a puzzle game but also a savior of the universe.

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About Splashy Dots

Saying the universe is a bit too much but surely the savior of the endless journey and the waiting times for your friends to appear. This is because this boldly colored puzzle game is a fun way to dispel boredom, frustration and even engage the player with its easy-to-play, eye-catching visuals.


Basically, Splashy Dots is a fairly simple and intuitive game, but it has a core gameplay focus on strategy. Your goal in Splashy Dots is to connect all the dots on the screen with a very simple principle: just drag your finger to connect the droplets and create an artistic path from the beginning to the last colorless paint dot. However, things seem a bit harder. You have to manipulate your mind to think logically and sometimes un logically to connect all the dots that is denser.

You must connect all the drops of paint, do not ignore any drops. This sometimes makes you awkward to extreme anger but still trying to keep a smile on your face. At first, the gameplay was pretty straightforward, but the difficulty level would increase through each level of the game. Remember that the first move is very important, sometimes it can help you solve the puzzle immediately.

Not only does it feel satisfying and pride when it comes to solving extremely difficult levels, but after finding the right path, the jumble of paintings also has framed versions for you to add to the collection episodes in your game or social networking.

Splashy Dots has colorful graphics, art style, and this game will make you excited. Besides the sound system is vibrant, but sometimes quite noisy, varying by different levels.

Main functions

  • Unique gameplay can’t be found in any other game
  • Thousands of different puzzles challenge your brain.
  • Play on a variety of platforms like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and iMessage.
  • Graphics style of art, colorful
  • Action is simple, but hard to win
  • Save your progress to Cloud, which you can play on multiple devices at the same time.

MOD APK version of Splashy Dots

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Hints
  • No Ads

Download Splashy Dots MOD APK for Android

Overall, I personally think this game is a great thing. It’s addictive and challenging and really makes you think. The game is a bit annoying that 30 seconds of ads cannot be missed while playing, but you can remove it by paying.

Currently, Splashy Dots only version for iOS (Including iPhone and iPad), hope in the future there will be more versions for Android. Here is the free Splashy Dots game download link for you to play.

Download Splashy Dots Apk Mod[Unlimited Hints, No Ads] v1.3.6 (40M)

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Download Splashy Dots apk from google play

Download Splashy Dots apk from google play

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