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Pottery (MOD No Ads) – It can be said that Voodoo publisher always has unlimited creativity and great ideas. With so many interesting intellectual games or engaging simulations, they deserve to be a top mobile game publisher. Voodoo games are always popular in the world, such as or Balls Rotate. This time, their latest game is very close to Eastern culture, that is to become a craftsman making pottery.

  • Simple gameplay
  • Making pottery with one finger
  • Some tips
  • Pottery – Not just a game, it is art
  • Graphics
  • Overview

Simple gameplay

Like previous Voodoo games, Pottery still has a familiar style but classic. It is simple, easy to play but easy to addictive. This time, you are tested in the role of a skilled craftsman to make pottery pots on demand. The jars have a lot of shapes and designs. All you have is a piece of clay and a turntable. Above all, what you need and are very important is your skills and a special love for ceramics.

The game has simple gameplay, easy to play but to be proficient is a long journey of practice. Although it does not require a too high level of practicality. You don’t need to have experience with real-world ceramics. But with the standard size and shape requirements are high, you have to be meticulous with passion. That requires players to have patience and a little skill to make the best ceramic products. Once mastered, you will be a talented artist who holds a ceramic culture in hand.

Making pottery with one finger

Experience Pottery and become a skilled pottery craftsman. There are many types of ceramic jars to let you start from raw clay lumps. There is nothing interesting and easy to control like basic physical mechanics. Touch and hold the screen to crack the soil and get closer to the required shape. Sample pottery, your goal in the right corner of the screen. When it reaches the required level, the color of the requested object will gradually appear. However, you must be very focused to not cut too much and break the right shape of the pottery. Pottery carries the pure essence of culture and is the artistic symbol of pottery makers, so please don’t be too hasty.

A lot of levels are challenges waiting for you to overcome. Each challenge is a different shape of objects. The higher the level, the harder it gets. Each stage is divided into several stages, up to 4 stages. To complete each stage, try not to cause any errors. If you don’t pass even one stage, you have to start over. It will be simpler if you make up to 2 errors in each stage, you will still pass them.

Some tips

Anyway, the challenges in Pottery are still very difficult to overcome. Controlling the turntable as well as the mechanical forces to create high-precision objects is time-consuming. That requires players to have great patience. In addition, some tips maybe help you play games more easily:

  • Preparing devices and fingers: The game needs concentration and holding the finger on the screen. Because the game requires high accuracy, your hands must have the best feeling when playing. So clean the screen and your hands to make sure that every touch and glide gives the best results. Do not let your hands get too much sweat.
  • Pay attention to the target shape: You need to have a quick look at the required shape. So when the challenge starts, your brain envisions practical steps. However, in some cases, the pattern only appears at the beginning and then disappears. So look closely and train your brain with a great sensitivity reflex.
  • The last and important advice: Like anything in life, success always comes with effort. Indeed, only when you spend a lot of time practising, can you have artistic skills. Making pottery is no exception. So please be patient and keep your passionate fire burning.

Pottery – Not just a game, it is art

It is hard to think that a simple game like Pottery can make many different emotions. Many people like the focus and art of the game. But for many people, it can be frustrating and angry. Indeed, the gameplay in the game is a huge challenge. Players not only need skilful, meticulous but above all great patience and perseverance. Otherwise, you will be inhibited to blur your eyes and at that time, you just want to delete it. But, overcome that loss of calm, you will enjoy the art products created by your own fingers. Along with that is a wonderful experience with ceramics, a unique feature of traditional Eastern culture.

A little fuss that always appears in Voodoo games, it’s advertising. As usual, it appears a lot, so please disconnect the Internet. Or you can use our Pottery (MOD No Ads).


Pottery’s graphics are not really outstanding. The most remarkable thing is the color of the game. It is very bright and colorful. The pottery shapes with brilliant colors and extremely sophisticated patterns. They bring interesting inspiration to players.


Science has proven, if you focus on something, you will feel happier and temporarily forget about the stresses in life. If you are free and relaxed people, playing Pottery helps you have a relaxing day. Indeed, this is just a simple game, not varied in gameplay and content. So, play games at break time or on weekends. That will help you relax gently as well as have more motivation to continue working. You can also teach your children to be patient with this great game. Have fun!

Download Pottery Apk Mod[No Ads] v1.54 (41M)

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Download Pottery apk from google play

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