Download Fish Mania Apk Mod[No] v1.0.469

The feeling of great pleasure when collecting new fish with twisted brain puzzles. That is the common feeling that you get when you play Fish Mania APK of TaoGames.

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    • Match-3 puzzle game
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About Fish Mania

The game is a combination of two attractive genres unprecedented. It is solving match-3 style puzzles, from which to collect and search for your rich collection of fishes. Finally, you will own a large and dreamy ocean right on your phone.

Match-3 puzzle game

For a long time, the ocean and the ocean have always been the subject of interest of many people in the world. Simply because it is a place containing so many mysteries about the lives of many species. However, I do not mention these mysteries because it is the work of scientists. As a normal person and love peace, I simply pay attention to the beautiful and strange fishes. Watching the fish freely swim, my heart is relaxed. Can’t wait any longer, let discover a completely new world hidden deep in the ocean.

You may find it strange to hear a match 3 style puzzle game, but it’s not strange to you. Surely you know Candy Crush Saga or Jewels? Fish Mania’s gameplay is quite similar to those two games. Connect at least 3 icons to clear and score. Compared to the image of candies or gems in previous titles, Fish Mania is completely different from the image of mischievous and colorful sea creatures.

Download Fish Mania Apk Mod[No] v1.0.469

Each game has a different goal. For example, reach the required score or complete some tasks. Your moves are limit. In case you score with more than 3 images connected, you will have special icons. It helps you to clear a lot of icons and get more points. Pass each level to get lots of rewards such as unlocking new items or new creatures, especially gold coins. This is the newest feature that makes Fish Mania different from previous games.

Fish collection

Besides brain twisting to solve puzzles, the collection of your favorite marine creatures gives Fish Mania an absolute fondness. With the money earned through solving puzzles, you can completely use them to buy sea creatures. There are countless colorful animals for you to buy such as swordfish, sailfish, octopus, crab or starfish, … All of them are very beautiful and extremely cute.

Download Fish Mania Apk Mod[No] v1.0.469

These fish not only bring beauty to your aquarium, but it also gives you the experience of raising a real pet. They need to eat, of course. Experience in-game fish feeding with completely new interactions. A hard and time-consuming job. However, looking at the lovely fish growing up every day free swimming in the clear blue water, how much stressful fatigue seems to dissipate. This is the way TaosGame mesmerizes millions of players worldwide.

Decorate your collection

When the fish grow up and a small fish tank cannot accommodate the giant marine life, that’s when you need more fish tanks. The higher you level up, the more aquariums you will get and the great scenery. Each aquarium is a corner of the vast ocean, vast with romantic scenery. It could be a seabed house, huge corals or sunken boats for thousands of years.

Download Fish Mania Apk Mod[No] v1.0.469

In addition to unlocking many new aquariums, you can now own your own collections. Find your favourite fishes into amazing spaces. With hundreds of sophisticated and eye-catching decorations, you can create and decorate each of your aquariums in your own style. Look for in-store items like coral, colorful gems, even wind chimes or balloons. Each fish tank represents the romantic soul and great love for nature.


Graphics is an important element in a compelling game like Fish Mania. It was carefully and meticulously cared for. The vast sea space but still very bright and colorful is a great creation. Sea creatures are made of funny 3D shapes swimming in clear blue water with countless eye-catching decorations.

Download Fish Mania APK for Android

Fish Mania is a perfect combination of an interesting match-3 game with the fish gathering to create your own ocean. Experience the game, like stepping into a whole new world of beautiful and strange creatures. The game reminded me of the famous movie “Finding Nemo” with lively and cute creatures. Thereby, we are like to be friends with fish and learn more stories about the vast ocean.

Download Fish Mania Apk Mod[No] v1.0.469 (101M)

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Download Fish Mania apk from google play

Download Fish Mania apk from google play

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