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Bottle Flip 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a fun game following the trend of Bottle Flip Challenge. It will help you train your agility skills.

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About Bottle Flip 3D

This game reminds me of a very interesting trend, the trend of flipping the water bottle to make them stand still on the table or anywhere flat. Listen to this, many of you have realized that this is the Bottle Flip Challenge trend. With props that are just a plastic bottle containing some water, this trend once had time to stir up any social network or country in the world. There were times when many people in many countries rushed to join the game with many different forms to record interesting clips uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …

Recognizing the potential for entertainment that the trend has brought, Tastypill is very keen to launch a completely new game inspired by the Bottle Flip Challenge, it is Bottle Flip 3D. After a period of release in iOS, this game is now available on Android to help users of this operating system have a chance to experience.


If you have mastered standing still throwing water bottles and thinking that this game is as simple as that … Oh! You are wrong. Bottle Flip 3D will not simulate your phone into a water bottle and ask you to throw it away, however, the difficulty of the game will increase to new heights compared to the real version. Your task in this game is to throw the bottle from one position to another so that the bottle must stand still on all surfaces and not fall to the ground. It sounds like the original, but have you ever thought of throwing a bottle and balancing it on a slanted wall painting or an ultra-thin TV?

The player controls the water bottle to overcome obstacles in a small room with lots of furniture. By touching or swiping, you can make the bottle flipped around in the air while moving a certain distance. While the bottle is in the air, you can make a double jump by double-tapping the screen. Water bottles after each throw are forced to land on objects. If you accidentally drop the water bottle on the floor, whether the bottle is standing or falling, you still lose.

Bottle Flip 3D requires players to master the space well and align the time to overcome the game obstacles.

Discover new rooms with increasing difficulty

After winning the first room, the game will be unlocked with new rooms and other furniture arrangements. If you easily get past the first few rooms, don’t be happy to quick, it just a warm-up!

The higher the level, Bottle Flip 3D makes the distance between objects and their diversity grow in a crazy way. Everything is no longer simple, but the boundary between standing and falling is fragile to millimeters. Just a little bit strong hand or a little loose hand can lose the whole game.

Besides, difficult objects also appear more and more during the process of conquering the game levels. Suppose a fan can push the water bottle to the ground if the player is not focused or a bookshelf loses nails will defeat any careless player.

Unlock new bottles

After passing each game, the player will receive a certain amount of gems. These gems will be used to buy new skin for your water bottle. It is worth mentioning that there are many interesting looks in the Bottle Flip 3D that you can experience like a bottle of wine, a gym water bottle or even a bottle of fish sauce.


The graphics of Bottle Flip 3D stop at acceptable levels. The simple, light image that reminds people of Voodoo games like or Helix Jump. Although not so excellent in the image part, the game still ensures the best experience for players.

MOD APK version of Bottle Flip 3D

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: You can buy new bottles by playing a lucky spin with a thousand gems in one turn. To help you buy your favorite bottles at any time, Bottle Flip 3D (MOD Unlimited Gems) gives you 999999999 gems as soon as you open the game.

Download Bottle Flip 3D MOD APK for Android

Bottle Flip 3D scores with players by simple gameplay, highly addictive and, above all, catching up with the trend. How to play requires intelligence and sophistication that will definitely bring fun and entertaining moments to those who join this game. Are you ready with Bottle Flip Challenge?

Download Bottle Flip 3D Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v1.92 (55M)

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Download Bottle Flip 3D apk from google play

Download Bottle Flip 3D apk from google play

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