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People often say “Beauty has the right”. Sounds funny, but it’s the truth. When you’re beautiful, you can do anything that makes sense, especially ignoring all mistakes, everything out of the ordinary. And it is also like that in the game world. I didn’t believe it until I played Townscaper APK.

  • Introduce about Townscaper
    • Playing a game without any “games”, how does it feel?
    • What you feel in the game will be Inspiration and Experience
    • You have an amazingly detailed city
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Introduce about Townscaper

A memorable Mediterranean city and an “inception” dream!

Sometimes you want to find a strange game. Or simply you’re a follower of beautiful architecture and flying freedom, so let’s play Townscaper. I make sure that you will reach your euphoria when playing this game.

I don’t usually play this kind of leisurely game. But one day I accidentally found it. People praise this game too much, so I’m also curious. So I download and try it out. I still save it on the phone. Whenever the mind is confused, the mood is distracted, I always play it for about twenty minutes for relaxing.

Playing a game without any “games”, how does it feel?

Townscaper will give you the freedom to build different large and small towns according to your ability, on an ancient island with endless winding streets. It is so detailed that you can see every small hamlet, the soaring cathedral, the dense network of canals and the great castle lying on its side reflecting the lake.

Download Townscaper Apk Mod[No] v1.01

Different from normal games, regardless of genre, it always comes with a certain task, even it’s big or small. As for Townscaper, there are no tasks in the whole game.

While all the games I’ve played so far have a certain genre. If it’s not role-playing, it is also adventure, platform, cards, turn-based. However, Townscaper doesn’t belong to any gameplay or genre.

In short, there are no tasks, no requirements, no instructions, no rules, no games in Townscaper. Everything is up to you, you can do anything you want in this game.

What you feel in the game will be Inspiration and Experience

On an island full of wild water like a giant convex sphere, only blue and green. You will be the creator, building each thing to create your city, with your thoughts and imagination.

Touch the screen. Leave the water as it is without a trace or select the Grid mode on the right-hand side to display the grid cells that divide the island into many uneven blocks. Choose the color on the left-hand side. Move and release in any block, a construction immediately appears in there. You just need to aim and choose a color, Townscaper’s brilliant intelligent algorithm will randomly turn the selected block into a cute house, a small dome or a staircase, an overpass, or a Green backyard. All are random, only based on the background shape of the selected location, the rest is left to the system to decide.

Download Townscaper Apk Mod[No] v1.01

For example, when building a house and leaving a hole in the middle, it will automatically turn into a child skylight. Or build a whole street and leave a square, it will be able to create a monumental square.

Experiencing the gentle construction process, and then looking back at each street and every small corner of the city from time to time is also the time when you realize how much sadness in your heart is gone. Only positive energy remains a feeling of lightness and peace like the still water in the game. Is this not both an Experience and an adventure of Inspiration?

You have an amazingly detailed city

The city you build, whether small or large, color or monochrome, is also a true Mediterranean coastal complex. Don’t think the city is built up like that, but judge that it only has appearance without depth. The beauty of the game is that all that is created is extremely random, but each component is extraordinarily detailed. A house has just appeared, you zoom in carefully, you will see it show up clearly, 3D and details. The mailbox in front of the house, the grass in the backyard, there is also a rain-covered porch in front, the chimney above, there are also pigeons that are temporarily sheltering, If you touch the roof to continue building, the pigeons will flap your wings and fly away. Townscaper’s detail is no joke.

And you have to imagine every corner of this big city you’re trying to create, all in such detail. Each place has different details, objects, places, and arrangements. I respect the designer for making this indie game (it’s rumored that it’s just a single individual, not a team, the designer must be so talented to create such a memorable game).

There are no constraints in the game. No matter what you do with variations, your city is still stable. With the experience of building and rebuilding dozens of times in this game, I see that. When starting, do it from small buildings on each tile. Then connect them to form rows of streets, consecutive blocks of houses, considered to create a common background for the city. This stage is extremely important, because although there are no instructions or warnings, the background is so thin and soft, of course, sooner or later your massive city will collapse and sink to the bottom of the sea.

Download Townscaper Apk Mod[No] v1.01

When the foundation is solid, start to raise, expand and create highlight works such as castles, temples… At this upgrade step, let your imagination lead the way. You keep touching any strange nooks and crannies, even trying places that you wouldn’t normally imagine building what on that. Then see, what Townscaper will do for you. Each time like that is a feeling of anticipation, curiosity, and excitement. And the results always make me burst into tears.

If I have to rate this game according to the score bars: Positive Energy, Inspiring Creativity, Freedom to Fly, Graphics, and Ideas. I’ll rate them all the Extreme Great. It’s been a long time since there was a game that was as light as the wind, but it caused so much nostalgia to the point of installing and keeping it to play over and over again. Thanks life for giving me such beautiful moments.

Download Townscaper APK free for Android

Remember to play the game with a hot cup of coffee. Watching the city drift through the fragrant smoke and imagining walking into it, you will feel like in the movie “Inception”.

Download Townscaper Apk Mod[No] v1.01 (30M)

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Download Townscaper apk from google play

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