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If you want to deal with a tall and muscular man, please go to boxing. Have you ever heard anyone give you this advice? Obviously, you must be strong enough to hit those big guys. But how to be strong enough? The Big Hit MOD APK will tell you…

  • Introduce about The Big Hit
    • A fighting game with a comedy title
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Introduce about The Big Hit

Wanna hit anyone? Build strong enough muscle first!

Have you ever wanted to hit someone? Or are you under stress and wanting to relieve a little bit by hitting someone, but your body does not allow it? If yes, let’s experience this funny game.

A fighting game with a comedy title

The Big Hit is an arcade game from the publisher Lion Studios. Following the simple entertainment games that are easy to play with the mobile interfaces such as Girl Genius!, Happy Glass… The Big Hit has brought a completely different but equally fun and exciting impression. Your simple task is to collect as many dumbbells as possible to have a really long, strong, muscular arm to knock the obnoxious giant enemy at the end. The stronger your hand, the more painful the hit, the farther the enemy will be thrown away. The amount of points and rewards you get depends on how far the enemy is thrown away.

Someone called The Big Hit a hybrid between action and arcade. But to me, it’s just an arcade. There is absolutely no element of intense violence here. If there is a punching screen at the end of each scene, it’s just an excuse to end the scene, allowing you to enjoy a good time after a time of hard work collecting dumbbells. You can collect gems to upgrade your gloves and punching power after winning the fight. I believe that nothing can compare to the feeling of being happy in those anger discharge phases at the end.


You will appear with a rather emaciated appearance. You start your run. Along the way, if you see any green dumbbell, yellow dumbbell, or shiny items, get them right away, as many as possible. Your arms will be bigger, your muscles will emerge. Green dumbbells are for increasing biceps little by little, while those yellow ones are for making mutant big arms and turning your body from green to yellow. If you have these yellow pieces, you won’t have to worry about the boss ahead.

The final bosses that you need to knock out in each scene also vary greatly. They are sometimes a short and fat bully, sometimes a big, muscular guy, sometimes a bearded thug. Either way, they all have the same feature of being much taller than you. So much so that no matter how muscular you are, you have to jump up to gain momentum before you can continuously punch him in the face. Weak against strong, so challenging, right?

In addition to collecting as many dumbbells as possible, you also have to overcome obstacles: dumbbells not of the same color, soaring walls… When you have enough strength, nothing is impossible. But keep in mind that any obstacle that you pass will cause you to waste your energy. The big billowing biceps you work hard to build will also atrophy depending on the size of the obstacles.

The higher and thicker the wall, the more force it takes to break. The danger is that later on, these annoying objects will appear denser and more difficult to overcome. The worst is when they even appear right before you reach the finish line. The big arms ready to catch the final boss will then atrophy. And it will be a tragic end if you are not strong enough to defeat the boss. The boss can easily kill you with just a knock. Game over.

That is not to say that the game always puts you at a dead end. There are only a few phases like that, requiring you much more ingenuity in the later rounds. There is always an opportunity for the skillful player. For example, if breaking the wall causes the muscles to atrophy, a glittering yellow item immediately appears. Just get this item to have a strong body with big biceps right away.

Very addicting

The Big Hit has won people’s hearts thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay. It will make you feel pleasure when seeing the humorous disproportionate body of the character you control and then witnessing a worthy-of-going-down-in-history match against such a powerful giant opponent. The funny activities like running aggressively on the road while collecting dumbbells and handling obstacles with increasing speed and difficulty, also add extra excitement for the players. You will want to play it, again and again, to see if there is a more formidable challenge ahead. I believe you will get addicted to it anytime.

MOD APK version of The Big Hit

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Download The Big Hit MOD APK for Android

The game is so easy to control on smooth, funny graphics, and unique ideas that are never seen before. The Big Hit is great to use for entertainment, relieve stress especially when angry with someone.

Download The Big Hit Apk Mod[Free Upgrade] v2.3.0 (85M)

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Download The Big Hit apk from google play

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