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Mr Gun MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) – Ketchapp is a famous French mobile game development company for Android and iOS operating systems. Known for the first time with the brilliant success of the intellectual game named 2048 and a variety of other popular games like Ball Races, Dunk Shot, … They have a strong foothold in the mobile game industry.

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About Mr Gun

Recently, Ketchapp has just released a very interesting action game and has a very large number of players right from the beginning, it is Mr Gun – extremely fun and addictive trajectory shooter game.

How to play

Set in a tower with many stairs, you will transform into a super cool street gunman. With the guns on hand, your mission is to destroy the Mafia through many different levels in the style of a true assassin.

The rules of Mr Gun are very simple:– Step 1: Enemies appear, aim exactly.– Step 2: Shoot the enemy to complete the level, a headshot will bring higher efficiency and get more rewards.

Deadly challenges

Each floor will be guarded by a mafia with guns, sometimes one bad guy will guard many floors, these guys will be stronger and require more bullets to kill him. Finally, the highest floor will be guarded by the boss.

As a coordinates shooter game, the aiming shot, the coordinates of the shot will move up and down automatically, so you have the right timing to kill the enemy by touching the screen.

Become the top gun

You can defeat a weak bad guy with a bullet, but the higher the level, the stronger and harder to kill. When you shoot the headshot, it will double the gold and score. Moreover, continuous headshot combos will create very nice and stimulating effects.

When you miss, there’s no chance for you. These bandits are really opportunists, you just need to make a mistake and make sure they take you down immediately, then you have to play from the beginning (unless you see the ad to revived).

Because of the diversity of the enemy, the publisher has developed many types of guns with many different functions to match when fighting. For example, a shotgun will fire a lot of bullets in many directions, making it easy to hit an enemy, while a sniper rifle will only fire 1 bullet, but high damage is suitable for killing enemies instantly.

Features of Mr Gun

  • Gold: is the only currency unit of Mr Gun, used to buy items in the store. You can earn gold when shooting headshot, destroy boss … it may be watching ads.
  • Blacklist: is the list of bosses that you must destroy after defeating the soldiers. After you defeat the boss you will open a new stage and receive many rewards such as gold, gun or new characters.
  • Outfits: Is the system of characters in the game. There are many beautiful characters and you can only earn them when you complete the task, but not gold. Enemies are also designed with a variety and quite cool with vest suits, felt hats or sunglasses … The bosses are even cooler and scarier.
  • Gun store: is a gun store system with a variety of guns such as rifles, machine guns, pistols … with different damage stats or bullets. You can do quests or use gold to own guns. Also, watching ads also gives you 35 gold per view.

Classic graphics

Simple graphics and gameplay are two elements of a Ketchapp game, and Mr Gun is no exception. 2D graphics in 8-bit format will give you the feel of a classic game from the 90s while making the game easily compatible with most Android devices.

MOD APK version of Mr Gun

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All

Download Mr Gun MOD APK for Android

There are so many reasons why you should download and play Mr Gun. Prove yourself as a good gunman in this fun game. The game is suitable for gentle entertainment after hours of study and tired work to help you relax and relieve stress. Trust me, you will love it!

Download Mr Gun Apk Mod[Unlimited Money, Unlocked] v1.5.8 (44M)

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Download Mr Gun apk from google play

Download Mr Gun apk from google play

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