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Mad Dex 2 MOD APK is a hardcore 2D platformer arcade game. The game is for those who want to challenge their limits and are confident with their good eyesight and in-time reaction to all situations. 

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Introduce about Mad Dex 2

Welcome you to the heavy speed ​​Adventure of Little Hero Mad Dex!


Mad Dex 2 is the story of the little hero Mad Dex. It is the dramatic sequel to the arcade game of the same name. The hero here is actually a small square. One day, Ms. Dex was kidnapped by a giant monster. He is also the one who wants to take over and destroy the beautiful city where you live. Mad Dex decided to go on the adventure to save his lover, destroy the evil demon and return peace to the city. Is that interesting enough for you to accompany Mad Dex?

Download Mad Dex 2 Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v1.3.1

My overall assessment: the story of Mad Dex 2 is quite interesting. The motif is not strange, but the way it is expressed makes it very new and attractive.


Mad Dex’s forte move is his parkour ability. It is literally like a snail. Little Mad Dex can secrete a special red substance to help him stick to all surfaces, thereby moving over obstacles whether on the ground or high walls.

Along the way, Mad Dex also has the opportunity to collect powerful weapons and equipment, like rockets that attach to the body to help fly far without parkour, or single-barreled or multi-barreled guns that shoot out in all directions; they can help you a lot in boss battles. Our main character has, in addition to parkour, many other unique upgrades, which will support your adventure a lot.

At the end of each level, there is a secret. Completing it will unlock and delve into a bigger secret. This is also the reason that once gamers have played Mad Dex 2 and been attacked by it, they can’t stop. And the more they play, the more fascinated they become.

Manipulation in Mad Dex 2 is very simple. There is a Jump button on the screen, you just need to click here to control the character while touching the surfaces you want. But believe me, that’s just the beginning of the tribulation.

Download Mad Dex 2 Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v1.3.1

You must be proficient and skillfully combine jump, acrobatics, parkour discharge (later will be shooting, flying with rockets, and so on), you must be quick to detect the terrain of many different types of traps (sharp gears, volcanic lava…). To understand the principles of physics in Mad Dex 2, you will probably lose a few to dozens of lives. If you understand it, it’s still a long way to go. There’s never been a game where the scene looks so good, but it ends up hurting so much at the end like this.

The adventure full of difficulties

Many weapons help you fight more effectively, but the heart of the adventures in Mad Dex 2 is focused on the ability to control flexibility, quick hands, quick eyes, parkour at the right time, in the right place to help Mad Dex overcome all the traps on the way.

Mad Dex 2 is a very heavy scene platform game, in my opinion. Maybe because I haven’t played many games of this genre, I find it too difficult (or is it really difficult). Everything happens very quickly. The pitfalls that you see on that road are variable, in all forms, in many different scenes. Importantly, they move very fast. Just a fraction of a second is enough to kill you. You will not have time to sit and contemplate or hesitate, you can only go forward continuously or stop forever.

In general, it is quite dizzying to pursue the game speed. It is also impossible to get used to it after 1-2 times. Yes, you will have to play it many, many times. There are countless times in which I found myself dying without a reason, I thought it would be better next time, and then I got angry again.

The game has a total of 75 levels. Level 1 is already difficult, the later it gets more intense. Boss fights are difficult every time, of course, the final boss appearing will take away a lot of health and confidence from you. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but I tried to see it on YouTube. It is indeed terrible guys!

Download Mad Dex 2 Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v1.3.1

But not because there are so many barriers as well as such great challenges that Mad Dex 2 is less attractive. On the contrary, it is attractive like never before. You will have mixed feelings: you may feel it easy at first (as the graphics are so cute, the context is also quite simple), then endure the terrible feeling as it is much more difficult than expected. High speed and countless pitfalls along the way will confuse you. But you will not want to stop because the feeling of wanting to conquer is always more compelling. To play well Mad Dex 2 requires a lot of composure, which not everyone can easily do.

MOD APK version of Mad Dex 2

MOD feature

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Download Mad Dex 2 APK & MOD for Android

The game is simple with pleasant images. The character creation is super lovely, the story is also quite good and the music is exciting and fast. The game is very challenging but always full of excitement. If you want to upgrade yourself, then try out Mad Dex 2 at this link! 

Download Mad Dex 2 Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v1.3.1 (42M)

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