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The Complex MOD APK is an interactive movie game. You will decide everything for yourself to go into the exploration adventure of the main character Amy, and at the same time make different endings for the story.

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Introduce about The Complex

The first fantasy-themed interactive movie game on mobile: an enhanced form of visual novel


The Complex is the story of Amy Tenant, a beautiful, talented young female Dr, and one of the pioneers of human nanotechnology. At this time, there was a biological attack that broke out in the city of London, there was a person with a strange (which must be called quite a horror) bleeding. No one knew what happened. But after losing consciousness, Amy found herself locked in a laboratory. Since then, countless conflicts and tensions have broken out between so-called experts like her. Sometimes they and you (as Amy) get out of control.

Download The Complex Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.3

You can accompany each other (in a relationship sometimes above friendship) or be on opposite sides. You will interact together. The secret gradually unravels. Everything behind the biological attack is far more terrible than you can imagine. And of course, it is closely related to the role of nano in the nanotechnology you are working on.

What is special about The Complex?

The Complex is an interactive movie game written by Lynn Renee Maxcy, an Emmy Award-winning writer and member of the editorial team of The Handmaid’s Tale. The main character in the film (character Amy) is Michelle Mylett, along with Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones) and Al Weaver (Grantchester), Twitch streamer and former Xbox UK presenter Leah Viathan.

This is the first interactive movie game project to appear on mobile. Obviously, this is not a new idea, but completely bold. It is no longer an interactive visual novel like visual novel games. Now, you are watching a real movie, but you will be the one to decide the next plot of the movie. The final ending is also written by you with the choices you make on your way.

Download The Complex Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.3

Honestly, I haven’t watched the end of The Complex yet. It sounds like there are 8 different endings. But it’s clear that there are a lot of twists and turns. Simply combining decisions A-B will result in a slightly different outcome than A-C. In the process of working together and overcoming the terrible secrets behind the biological breakdown, Amy has established relationships with many people in the laboratory. Depending on how you react to each situation, each relationship will be shaped, deepened, or fade away.

The relational index determines the outcome

The relationships will be calculated by index. The higher the number, the deeper the relationship and vice versa. It is these stats that will determine the main character’s fate and the character’s final ending.

It is also correct to say that The Complex is a fantasy film, but also a horror movie. At first, everything seems lighthearted, just circling around conversations and the character’s surprise with surrounding events. But later on, more and more secrets are discovered. It is also when the madness breaks out, you begin to face the hard-to-understand events and the bloodthirsty fury of the people around you. That’s when the gore horror begins.

Download The Complex Apk Mod[Unlocked] v1.3

As you play, you’ll need to continuously monitor your relationship status stats in real-time. Because not only will it change the ending of the movie, the changing relationships that lead to the characters’ personalities and behaviors among the team and with Amy will also be different. At the same time, several special features will be opened that give you the ability to skip an unwanted scene, assess your personality and uncover a few hidden events in the movie.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to explore the five personality aspects of each character around Amy: open, dedicated, extroverted, likable, and neurotic. It also partly depends on how you treat them; how much they will reveal themselves. Sometimes a psychopath can keep his temper until the very end, and a seemingly peaceful, gentle person ends up being a mad dissident. Even Amy, the character you are playing, can be someone who is not exactly good, not quite normal. It all depends on how you deal with them and with the situations unfold.

MOD APK version of The Complex

MOD feature

Unlocked: Unlocked paid content.

Download The Complex APK & MOD for Android

The movie game is attractive, the topic is not strange. But this first interactive film available on mobile can blow away the concept of game limitation in you. The game is simple to play, the operation is so easy. You only have to watch movies, select and follow relationships. Are you ready to experience the game in this new way?

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