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Although the title is Suicide Guy, the game isn’t about suicide, depression, or anything like that. Let’s wake up the fat guy in the endless nightmare!

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    • Explore the dream loop and find ways to return to reality
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Introduce about Suicide Guy

Suicide Guy is a puzzle adventure game released on July 14, 2017 by publisher Chubby Pixel. When it was first released, the game was only released on PC, then it was supported on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux. On January 20, 2021, the game was officially appeared on Google Play.

The story

At the beginning of the game, Suicide Guy is set on a rooftop, a man is standing there with a first-person view and suddenly jumping down below, then he wakes up. But it’s just a dream. After waking up, the game’s scene changes to the living room, where a fat middle-aged man is drinking beer and watching TV. Nothing would have happened if he didn’t get drunk, dozed off, and dropped the beer bottle on the floor. But exactly one second before the beer bottle touched the floor, the scene is changed again. This time, he is standing at a food stall, a picture of a beer bottle about to fall on the screen. It turns out, he is trapped in his dream. And now you have to help him get out of that endless nightmare.

Download Suicide Guy Apk Mod[No] v2.1

A story summary like that may seem a bit weird and confusing but that’s really what happens in the first minute of the game. Suicide Guy is based on the movie Inception, so you might find it a bit confusing with dream loops.

What do you have to do?

Unlike Inception, if you die in a dream you are trapped in Limbo and it is difficult to get out. If you fall in a dream, you will wake up, right? In Suicide Guy, you need to do everything you can to help the character suicide in his dreams. Possessing a highly interactive puzzle game, this drunk man’s adventures seem simple but require the player to have a keen observation and thinking ability. Please help him return to reality!

Explore the dream loop and find ways to return to reality

When it was first released, Suicide Guy was only 25 levels. But when it was released on the Android platform, the game had three more levels, a total of 28 levels. Each level has different contexts and spaces. You will embark on an endless journey in the dream of a fat drunk, traveling through mysterious forests, spaceships, or his own house. Scenes not only revolve around normal locations, but also take a lot of legendary games like Super Mario Bros, Valve’s Portal, Half Life 2.

Download Suicide Guy Apk Mod[No] v2.1

Even, the game is set in some famous movies such as on the spaceship in Star Wars, the labyrinths in Indiana Jones or the magic room in Harry Potter. However, despite the different settings, your mission is still only one, controlling your character to commit suicide.


Suicide Guy is the first puzzle adventure game to use a first-person perspective, making your experience extremely real. Falling from above or being hit by a train unexpectedly, those moments can startle you!

Download Suicide Guy Apk Mod[No] v2.1

The 3D animation of the game is also very cute, along with bright colors and rounded lines that are very suitable for the mapcap style.

Minus point

Suicide Guy is a pretty nice game, however some technical issues have affected the player’s experience. Pick up items is easy but when you want to put them in the right place, it is extremely difficult because the interactive system of the game is very half-hearted. Besides, if you throw the items out by mistake, you won’t be able to pick them up anymore, you have to play the game again.

One trick for you is to turn off in-game vibrations. Currently, the game is experiencing an error in the vibration mode that makes each step, each character’s interaction, your phone vibrate too loud. Hopefully in the following updates, the publisher will overcome this situation for players to have a better, more relaxing experience.

Download Suicide Guy APK free for Android

If you are a player who is passionate about puzzle adventure, Suicide Guy will be the choice that could not be more suitable for you. Please download the APK and OBB files of this game and enjoy it now!

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Download Suicide Guy apk from google play

Download Suicide Guy apk from google play

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