Download Smurfs’ Village Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.23.1

Smurfs’ Village MOD APK from PopReach Incorporated, is an adventure RPG set in the Smurfs setting. Those who do not know the Smurfs should play this game to know about a part of millennials childhood, a gentle dream world that can be rarely seen in movies, comics, and games nowadays. Who knew and once became friends with the blue village then should play to relive childhood memories.

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    • Smurfs, do you know about them?
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    • Join hands to build the Smurf village from the first days
    • Sincere offer
    • The village is happy, peaceful, but don’t forget the evil old wizard
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Introduce about Smurfs’ Village

Colorful memories of the Village of the Adorable Smurfs

Smurfs, do you know about them?

For those who don’t know about the Smurfs, this is an extremely popular comic series dating back to 1958 in Belgium. The series is about a tiny blue race called the Smurfs. This little Smurf’s world of blue and other bright colors is encapsulated in a village with a series of adorable mushroom houses. Each resident of the village has a very unique personality, appearance, and abilities.

Download Smurfs’ Village Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.23.1

The characters of Poet, Actor, Handy, Harmony, Farmer, Clockwork, Painter, are all names that have become legends of the millennials world past. The feature of the Smurf village is that it contains a lot of legendary treasures, not to mention the Smurfs themselves are always the necessary “spices” for any precious magic potion method. That is also the reason that the Smurf village and any Smurfs always become the target of hunting of a famous evil wizard Gargamel.

The whole series is a journey of solidarity, protection, and love of the Smurfs residents for each other, to jointly preserve their village, especially in the face of the aggressive scouring of the big evil wizard. Interspersed are thousands of funny situations that are too cute between the characters when living and living together in this fairyland.


Smurfs’ Village, is a game based on the background and main plot of the animated movie I just mentioned above. The game is for everyone, not just for hardcore fans of the series. Because when playing the game, you will immediately change the “mode”, from the sane to the gentle like a deer, from dry to soft like a child, from pragmatic to romantic. If you don’t believe it, take a look at some pictures of the poetic scene of the Smurf Village below. Is there a heart that doesn’t melt with this lovely scene?

Join hands to build the Smurf village from the first days

Of course, playing this game you will play the role of a Smurf. Initially, you will be given a mushroom house and an empty plot of land. Your job is to continuously build new mushroom houses, expand gardens, grow crops, build bridges, build dikes, improve trails, build a series of other essential works such as laboratories. experience (this place Papa Smurf often plays the capital, from time to time there are other Smurfs such as Brainy who sneaks in the kitchen, the canteen, the toy factory…).

Download Smurfs’ Village Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.23.1

Also, I have to say for you to “hold back” your expectations. That first mushroom house you were given, with a whole lot of land for farming, it’s not the lush green and beautiful you imagine it to be. Forget the memory of the Smurf village in the story. That is the story of many years later, when everything was in order and place, the Smurf village had grown tremendously. And here, you are like a “declaration of the country”, a colonizer. This village, exactly the land, at first, looked so bleak, ugly, with no color but heaps of cold white snow.

Live to be worthy of the Smurfs. Because of the nature of these little blue boys, they are very hardworking and have a very high spirit of solidarity. Together with building a beautiful, colorful, and always full of warmth village is one of your highest goals in the game.

Sincere offer

I also have a little trick for you when playing this game. If any of you have not read this series of Smurfs, you should read through a full online book before playing. After that, you will understand immediately the personality, ability, and type of each of the Smurfs. Because in the process of playing, especially the construction and development of the village, you will have to assign and assign tasks to many Smurfs. Understanding the abilities of each child in the village will help you assign tasks more reasonably and faster. As a result, the work progress is also much faster.

Don’t worry too much before you start. Playing this game just looking at the picture is enough to be infatuated. Then watch the little blue dwarves run back and forth across the screen, doing some stuff without any fuss. Looking at the houses, the village roads constantly appearing, the village changing new clothes like a dream, you will find your mind soothed by a series of fresh and positive emotions. That’s the picture and sound part. Now, I will talk about the richness and diversity of the work in the game. After the construction, you can let the Smurfs play mini-games. A lot of cute little games integrated into too appropriate situations: from baking, making medicine, making machines, racing, harvesting, catching fish, painting, making dances… These interesting mini-games are enough for a few hours of your relaxing.

The village is happy, peaceful, but don’t forget the evil old wizard

When everything seemed to have calmed down, settle down with daily life at the dreamlike Smurf Village. Then at this time, the great evil will appear, the old wizard Gargamel and his unique cat Azrael, finally after months of searching, have found traces of the village of the Smurfs.

Download Smurfs’ Village Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.23.1

He casts spells to turn the forest into a maze and make our Smurfs go astray in all directions. Your task is to help the Smurfs find their way home, and discuss with each other to unite to chase the old wizard out of this paradise. Remember not to forget to wait for Papa Smurf to finish making the absent-minded potion for him to drink before taking it out of the village. The next time he wanted to find it, it would take a few years.

MOD APK version of Smurfs’ Village

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

How to get money?

Touch the Gold Coin icon on the screen. After the transaction, the gold coins increase, not decrease.

Download Smurfs’ Village APK & MOD for Android

I have to say that this game saves the soul this epidemic season a lot. Thanks to it, so much energy and positivity returns. Those of you who want to enjoy a little relaxing from the lovely Smurf Mushroom Village, download Smurfs’ Village to play right here.

Download Smurfs’ Village Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v2.23.1 (1G)

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Download Smurfs’ Village apk from google play

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