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Sniper Attack 3 MOD APK is a sniper game from Matchingham Games, this game is very suitable for those players who love the battlefields that hide many unpredictable elements.

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Introduce about Sniper Attack 3D

If you looking for military games and free shooting games to play, you should download Sniper Attack 3D right away to your phone, this game is for you!


One of the big barriers between players and shooters is usually because they are quite verbose. If it comes with a plot, it can be even more lengthy. If you are still struggling to find a simple sniper game that has many exciting challenging levels and great graphics then Sniper Attack 3D is all you need.

I rate Sniper Attack 3D as an excellent shooting game. It’s so simple, fun, and easy to play. You can show off your marksmanship and not be distracted by anything around when playing this game.

Your mission is very concise: each level is a different battlefield, you will have to destroy enemy targets with skillful sniper skills to pass the level.

The interesting in this game is that everything happens very quickly. Each level is a different scene and sniper mission. Maybe you will go into a hostage crisis in front of the bank being threatened by robbers. Or you can be assigned to the task of capturing the enemy’s military base, sometimes you have to block a small branch of the enemy’s army when they are trying to penetrate deep into the area that is not allowed…

Become the best sniper in the world!

Usually, snipers like you can see from the movies, are always in some kind of special team like the SWAT. In which each sniper is fully trained in all of the above skills, and an anti-shaking steel spirit. Now suppose you’re one of them when in front of innocent people that you have to save, what will you do? Crawling on the ground, running fast on the road, looking 360 degrees to find the target, holding your breath, and waiting, even the hair can be a distraction, aim properly, lock the target, then reload the stork… You will have to use all your talents to try to save them. Sniper Attack 3D will allow you to do all these skills when playing.

Harder in later levels

The target in Sniper Attack 3D is what is highlighted in red, and you will have to shoot it to take down it. But sometimes you have to shoot many times to kill it. Because they can be people or vehicles, ammunition depots, gas trucks, helicopters… The sniper rifle that you have will have to work a lot to take down the target.

Every time you pass a level, your sniper will rank up and get new weapons. However, as you progress, targets will become mobile and it will be difficult for you to aim. At first, they can stay still waiting for you to shoot, then they will continuously move at an increasingly faster speed. Then they are equipped with armor, helmets, making it difficult for you to damage. Moreover, they will also be cunning enough to detect and shoot back at you no matter where you are hiding. The more difficult the game level is, the more you have to promote your sniper skills and act quickly before the enemy finds out.

Fortunately, on the battlefield when the difficulty level is high, there will always be traps, special settings that, if you take advantage of them, you can save a lot of time and effort to shoot at the target. For example, a large tank of gas will destroy a dozen enemies at once. Intelligently identifying these pitfalls, you will quickly pass the level and improve yourself to play for new levels.

MOD APK version of Sniper Attack 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Sniper Attack 3D APK & MOD for Android

Great 3D graphics, along with the first-person perspective is clear and coherent, the shooting mechanism is simple and concise, and many exciting missions. Sniper Attack 3D is exactly the best sniper game that every player should play.

Download Sniper Attack 3D Apk Mod[Unlimited Money] v1.0.10 (130M)

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Download Sniper Attack 3D apk from google play

Download Sniper Attack 3D apk from google play

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