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Project Winter Mobile APK is a survival game that was sold on the Steam platform in the first quarter of 2019. Until January 13, 2022, they officially released a completely free mobile version.

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Introduce about Project Winter Mobile

Currently, games of the Social Deduction genre are very popular. Typically, Among Us, Deceit, Agrou… are all best-selling games and advertised by many famous Streamers. And in this article, APKMODY would like to introduce to you a super attractive game, a mobile version of the game Project Winter. The game is a combination of 2 genres Survival and Social Deduction. In the year of launch, the game received many awards such as EA GRADUATE GOLD of Steam, GAME OF THE YEAR voted by gamers and ranked 2nd in BEST CANADIAN MADE GAME 2019.


In terms of context, Project Winter Mobile begins with a group of people who have an accident and have to survive for themselves on the snowy mountains. There are two main factions, Survivor and Traitor. When the game starts, your role is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. As a Survivor you need to perform a series of tasks set out by the system such as electrical repair, radio repair…

Download Project Winter Mobile Apk Mod[No] v1.0.0

Not only that, but you also need to explore and find items to help you survive in the cold weather. Around the map there are many items needed for you to survive. The most important task is to fix the radio to call for help and get many innocent people out of the snowy mountains. Besides, pay attention to the Traitor lurking around you.

Traitor, instead of just going to disrupt and find a way to kill Survivor, you also have another task that is survival. If the body is cold, the HP will gradually decrease until it reaches 0. As a Traitor, you need to build trust with Survivor and silently disrupt and prevent them from escaping from the snowy mountains. Your allies are revealed at the start of the game. To win, you have to teamwork with other players through private chat, private voice, text chat or emotes.

Appearance options

Like other games, you can completely choose the character’s costume. However, the topic will be very limited. The game context takes place in the snowy mountains, so the costumes only have winter clothes such as cotton shirts, ski goggles…

Download Project Winter Mobile Apk Mod[No] v1.0.0

Survival factor

Besides performing the tasks given by the system, your mission is survival. You must not let your character endure the cold for too long, hungry and thirsty. That’s why you need to explore every corner of the map to collect materials to make things like in Minecraft. Players can build axes, saws to cut trees, use matches and wood to create fire, and even create guns to hunt in the snowy mountains. The role of traitor will be more difficult than other games because the Survivor side is not only hiding, but they are also armed to fight the Traitor faction.


Project Winter’s game mode is quite rich. Basic mode is designed to help newbies to the game, you will be matched with completely new and inexperienced players. Usually, a match is only about 15 minutes, the map is narrowed, only Survivor and Traitor. There is another mode that is Normal, in this mode, the time each game will last about 15 minutes longer than Basic. The map is expanded with 9 areas, more tasks to do and more roles such as Medic, Defector, Soldier, Hacker, Scientist…


The game capacity is quite light compared to its graphics. Map design, characters, items are all very eye-catching. The 3rd person perspective helps players to see the map more easily. The animation of the characters is smooth, the surroundings are also very beautiful. “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” If you do not believe, you can participate and experience it yourself.

Download Project Winter Mobile Apk Mod[No] v1.0.0

Play with friends

To make the game interesting and emotional, you should play with your friends. Why do I say that? The current situation of the game is quite bad because the game community is very toxic. They may come together to kill you even if you are a Survivor or use inappropriate language on voice chat and text chat. Therefore, I think you should form a group of friends to play together instead of joining community rooms.

Download Project Winter Mobile APK for Android

Currently, the mobile version of Project Winter has been released for free. With beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay, if you are a follower of the survival genre, you definitely cannot ignore this game. Will Suvivor or Traitor be the winner? Join the game and experience the survival matches on the snowy mountains.

Download Project Winter Mobile Apk Mod[No] v1.0.0 (536M)

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Download Project Winter Mobile apk from google play

Download Project Winter Mobile apk from google play

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