Download Invention 3 Apk Mod[Unlimited Ammo, No Ads] v1.13

FPS Invention 3 MOD APK, a survival RPG from the publisher Alexander Gerashchenko will once again bring you to the zombie world. It promises to be even more terrible and cruel.

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Introduce about Invention 3

A zombie-themed FPS with fast speed and a huge number of zombies


Invention 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. After a zombie apocalypse, only a few people survived. They gathered in shelters and together fought the zombie swarm. You are one of the brave warriors whose mission is to keep the human base safe. Of course, you have to shoulder the burden of shooting the overcrowded zombies out there. And the war begins.

Download Invention 3 Apk Mod[Unlimited Ammo, No Ads] v1.13


The game gives a warning from the beginning: “Be careful, zombies are fast and ruthless”. Invention 3 forces you to fight in your way where the zombies appear. Slightly different from other zombie games, Invention 3 emphasizes the player’s ability to flexibly handle situations.

From the first-person view, players often find space cramped in the limited screens of smartphones and tablets. But with Invention 3, you will somewhat relieve this feeling of constraint because the environment is mostly quite flexible and has a lot to care about. As I just mentioned above, the typical thing is the dangerous appearance of the main enemy here: zombies.

Zombies are very strong. They move quickly, attack in many directions at once, and always appear in small groups or sometimes in-crowd. Fortunately, corresponding to that difficulty, the developer has built for the main character’s weapons to have high accuracy, precision, not inaccurate like many FPS games on mobile. It is this accuracy that creates drama in the game. Believe me, even veteran players of the genre can still be convinced by Invention 3.

Download Invention 3 Apk Mod[Unlimited Ammo, No Ads] v1.13

Many people still compare Invention 3 with Left 3 Dead, but actually, when playing Invention 3, you will find it much more concise. There are not too many plot elements, no confounding factors, all the player needs to care about is just shooting zombies as much and quickly as possible.

First, you will choose a character, you can customize the basic appearance of the character to find it more interesting. And immediately, the official survival battles begin. On the road, in addition to shooting so many zombies from near and far of all types coming from four directions, you also need to maintain the vitality and health of the main character. Collect healing items and equip new weapons… which will help you prolong your survival in this dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

Zombies in Invention 3 are not only fast but also complex. Some mutants become abnormal, of course in the direction you don’t want. They can be faster, can jump to attack, they will not die after being shot several times unless their heads are broken… It’s fun because they change the atmosphere. But to tell the truth, a few of such zombies can bring happy feelings but when there are too many, you can cry.

Graphics and sound

Overall, compared to the 3D shooting games I’ve played, the current image quality of Invention 3 is quite good with many devices. Of course, there are times when the zombies pull out a lot, it is a slight lag, but that’s okay. I’m quite satisfied with the way that the frame rate is maintained even though the image has a lot of movement that comes with the thrilling shooting action.

Download Invention 3 Apk Mod[Unlimited Ammo, No Ads] v1.13

Besides, the sound is not as good as the picture, but the gun effect and the sound of the chase phase are quite attractive. The details of each weapon also have a clear difference when shooting. The rhythm of the levels is different, the rhythm of the background music is also different, helping the player’s emotions sublimate.

MOD APK version of Invention 3

MOD features

  • Unlimited Ammo (The number of ammo increases when you fire)
  • No Ads

Download Invention 3 APK & MOD for Android

Many people commented that the target control when aiming was not good and not really accurate. But to me, so far, it’s ok. Maybe it’s because when there are too many zombies, the screen is a bit lag so it’s a bit harder to watch, or maybe I haven’t been to the super difficult scenes, so I haven’t seen this case. Anyway, this is still a first-person zombie shooting game worth playing, everyone.

Download Invention 3 Apk Mod[Unlimited Ammo, No Ads] v1.13 (146M)

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Download Invention 3 apk from google play

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