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Avatar: Reckoning APK is an online shooting role-playing game (MMORPG) from the giants Disney and Tencent. The game is inspired by the famous movie Avatar by director James Cameron. In the game, you will once again live in the heroic world of the Blue-skinned race in the blockbuster movie. That feeling will make you very happy.

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Introduce about Avatar: Reckoning

Online multiplayer shooter inspired by the great movie “Avatar”!


Avatar: Reckoning has the world, the characters, and most of the plot from the Avatar movie that everyone knows.

Playing Avatar: Reckoning, you will be a member of the Navi tribe, whose mission is to coordinate with your teammates to chase away the RDA legion that is threatening the peace and survival of Pandora’s land. With each game mode, the story will be adjusted slightly and delve into a different aspect to be compatible with the factions or coordinate or fight with each other between players.

Game modes

As a typical MMORPG, Avatar: Reckoning will bring players a variety of game modes that are compatible with all needs and preferences of each person: Solo, Co-op, PvP.

In all game modes, Avatar: Reckoning offers two perspectives: third and first. Not to mention how everything is progressing inside, this information alone is enough to make the fans’ hearts flutter, right?

Download Avatar: Reckoning Apk Mod[No] v1.0

In solo mode, you will stick to the story of the movie Avatar and get to the end. Co-op mode will let you adventure with friends and overcome the stormy raids of the enemy. When playing this co-op mode, you will be able to choose one of the available classes including Guard, Scout, Combat Medic, and Engineer. Each class has its own characteristics and combat control. PvP game mode will give you fiery battles between players, where you will fight for your survival goal.


In solo mode, Avatar: Reckoning will take you to a training course with a variety of activities and experienced Trainers. Through this training process, you from an ordinary and immature Navi will become a true warrior with full equipment and skills. You will also have your own pet. Exploit skills, combine modern weapons with the extraordinary speed of the pet to enter the big and small battles in the game. The more enemies you defeat, the more opportunities you have to upgrade, strengthen your abilities, and rise to stronger warrior levels.

The control mechanism is mostly the same, only different in the plot and the way the situation is arranged. After a few tests, I felt the game had rhythmic character movement, flexibly changing angles, making the background and vision of the character always open. The role-playing element is clearly reflected in the character’s upgrade path. Accurate control, moderate tempo, and standard attack performance of the character create a high sense of realism for players.

How will Avatar: Reckoning exploit the strengths of your smartphones, and what will it bring you during the experience?

Released by two famous names, the game has been known as one that is cared about so much. Built for mobile, Avatar: Reckoning is sure to take full advantage of the touch, swipe, and intuitive controls on mobiles to keep the battle going smoothly, beautifully, and eye-catching.

There is another aspect that also helps Avatar: Reckoning make the most of the strength of mobile: the quick customization feature. You can create and customize your own character to your liking. Then from there, you accompany, interact with other Navi residents, explore the beautiful planet, Pandora. Avatar: Reckoning also brings a lot of different vehicles and weapons for each player. The monsters from evil forces are also abundant. The story in the game will slowly lead you to different fighting modes. Everything is displayed on mobile and tablet screens.

Graphics and sound

As based on the original Avatar movie, the game must be so great. In this handshake, both Disney and Tencent seem to have not betrayed the expectations of users. All graphics (including context, character creation, weapons, motion, effects) are designed on modern Unreal Engine 4 technology. The beautiful, strange, wild, and mysterious Pandora planet will appear so vividly. Do you remember the Magic Tree, Fireflies and man-eating flowers, wild animals of terrifying sizes, especially the unique shape of the Navi people…? All will be recreated here.

Download Avatar: Reckoning Apk Mod[No] v1.0

The sound is also a major highlight of this game. Witnessing the fierce battles of the Navi people, you can also hear familiar voices like in the movies a few years ago and listen to all the most resounding sounds of the war. The feeling will make you overwhelmed with this MMORPG on mobile.

Download Avatar: Reckoning APK for Android

If you were once fascinated with the movie Avatar, the pioneer of 3D film technology, and once enjoyed the half-classic and half-modern fights of the blue Navi races, then Avatar: Reckoning is the game you can’t miss.

Currently, Avatar: Reckoning has not been released yet. We will update the game as soon as possible.

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Download Avatar: Reckoning apk from google play

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