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Name NeonX
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Developer Haim Bendanan
Publish Date: 2020-12-20
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The description of NeonX App

Draw over your videos, create awesome effects No need for complex tools like after After Effects anymore! With easy to used features and a simple UI, you will be able to add moving effects to your video in minutes. State of the art video algorithmsThe app uses custom video tracking algorithms, so you don't have to edit every frame in the video. You heard that right – you DO NOT need to edit every frame! Editing one frame is enough for the app to apply your edits in subsequent frames. Works like magic 😉How to use the app?It's very simple. After loading a video, you can pick a frame and draw over it. You pick an effect, a color – and that's it. Our custom video motion tracking algorithm will do the rest, and apply your edit to all other subsequent frames in the video.The default effect duration is 3 seconds, it will be configurable in a future release.How to get good tracking results?When you edit a frame, the algorithm will analyze the drawing on that frame and try to adjust the position and rotation on following frames automatically. Currently, the algorithm will work best on slow moving videos, and when the tracked object is not changing shape – for example: a video of a tattoo, a wall graffiti, a landscape scene or a drawing.We will add support for more tracking algorithms in the future, so stay tuned!PRO subscriptionBy subscribing to NeonX PRO, you gain access to all effects and colors, and the ability to use unlimited layers. More exclusive features will be added as we further develop the app.If you liked the app and want to support the development – subscribing is the best way to do it 🙂INSTAGRAM: TOK: free to reach out, report bugs or request improvements: [email protected]

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