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It is an undeniable fact that everyone now realizes that health is golden, even those who are night owls or not eating in moderation like me. That’s why now, in addition to my job and housework, i also spend time strengthening my health during the social distancing. To do this in the most effective way, i use this Daily Workouts APK exercise app as my trainer.

  • Introduce about Daily Workouts
    • Health is our principal capital asset
    • Exercise on mobile with a reliable app
    • High personalization
    • Instruction on each exercise with Video
    • Don’t miss any exercise
  • Download Daily Workouts APK free for Android

Introduce about Daily Workouts

Simply select your routine and follow along!

Health is our principal capital asset

When the pandemic hasn’t come, we could run around on the street, go to work, or go shopping… There were hundreds of things that happen every day. Especially at that time, we were able to go to the gym before/after work and go swimming, go jogging at the weekend.

Basically, in the past, I could never sit still for 15 minutes except when I slept and played games. Yet now i have to be at home all day. My schedule is going from the living room to the bedroom and then back to the kitchen and dining room. Quarantine has made me gain 5kg in just two weeks.

Realizing that it’s not good for health, i seriously examine myself. I write my own schedule of working, studying, eating, sleeping and then stick it on the wall to neatly follow. Besides, there is also a home exercise schedule. They say: “Protecting yourself now is loving yourself and loving your family” so i try my best to improve my health.

Exercise on mobile with a reliable app

Well, I only exercise with the mobile app because I’m alone. The application is pretty cool with many exercise modes, specific goals, and schedules tailored to each person’s needs. So far, my practice seems to be fine. This app is called Daily Workouts.

There are many reasons why i choose Daily Workouts but I think the most important is that it suits me. Everyone has a different workout routine, and perspective on comfort. Using through a few exercise apps, I felt like something was missing. Sometimes i found some apps too hard to follow as if they were made for professional gymers. As for me, I only needed to keep weight, practice breathing and stay healthy. After a long time looking for my suitable app, i found Daily Workouts. It’s been more than 3 months of attachment between me and this awesome app.

High personalization

Daily Workouts is just a simple app suitable for home exercise. Each exercise here ranges from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the exercise goal and time budget of each person. Especially, there is always a separate training mode for Men and Women because the physical strength and the intensity of the exercise needed are hugely different.

When you enter the app, you will fill out a form with your current health and body stats, then select Training needs. This is a crucial step, so you need to think carefully to have the right priorities. Do not think about showing off too much, but first need to focus on general health, especially at this sensitive time.

After selecting, if there is no conflict, Daily Workouts will automatically design and send you a detailed Workout Plan. There are over 390 different workouts in total. From these basic lessons and the needs of each person, Daily Workouts will bring out the most suitable exercises with an elevated level of individuality. I highly appreciate this part. The Personalization is in every detail of the exercise, not just like some other apps I’ve seen.

Instruction on each exercise with Video

There are many exercises on the app: Pilates, stretching, balls, dumbbells… Random full-body exercises are from 10 to 30 minutes, and daily exercises are about 5-10 minutes. I often connect my phone to the TV screen at home, then zoom in to watch instructional videos carefully to practice in the best way. This is as motivated as having a partner to work out together. Try to exercise in a right way because exercising incorrectly can cause many side effects. My friend also suffered from herniated disc because of wrong exercise. So, it’s better to practice while watching videos.

Don’t miss any exercise

One of the factors that makes home exercise effective or not is self-discipline. If you don’t follow the time and schedule given from the beginning, even if you have ten apps or ten reminders a day, it won’t work.

However, it’s always easier said than done. I mean, in Daily Workouts, there is a timer function by message or by the bell before practice time, but sometimes you still forget about it.

Don’t worry about the application. Daily Workouts always fulfills its role: Reminding the owner whenever it is time to practice. Both the timer and video exercises can be used offline.

Download Daily Workouts APK free for Android

It’s not about forming or practicing habits anymore, honestly, you MUST exercise every day. Your body will always be stable, and your mind will always be excited. Stop reading negative news or surfing on the Internet for too long. Combined with eating well on time with a little entertainment, going to bed early and waking up early, you will definitely have health to fight against the disease.

Download Daily Workouts Apk Mod[No] v6.38 (72M)

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Download Daily Workouts apk from google play

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