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If you are a fan of Anime movies, you can download AnimeFox to your phone to start enjoying thousands of good Anime. It’s also free and has many other interesting features without ads. 

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    • Anime, the world for only those who enter 
    • Minimalistic interface, easy to use and understand 
    • Huge movie store 
    • High quality Anime
    • Find movies and create your own list 
    • How is my experience in AnimeFox? 
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Introduce about AnimeFox

Free online subtitle anime watch application with a huge anime movie store!

Anime, the world for only those who enter 

Anime is a sophisticated, colorful world which can be called a separate universe. However, if you are lucky enough to get caught up in it, most of you will go into a state of immersion. I’m old now and still can’t get out of this attractive vortex. I watch new action anime every day, and then sometimes watch the old classic anime movies repeatedly.  

Thanks to a little sister’s advice, I installed an anime-watching app called AnimeFox on my device. Life has changed since then. Today I want to tell you about this application, so that if anyone has the same interest in anime, they will have a good reference.

Minimalistic interface, easy to use and understand 

AnimeFox’s homepage simply displays four main items on the menu bar: Categories, Discover, Trending, and Series. The middle part occupying a large area on the screen is to display the content in each tab. The bottom section are smaller tabs including Discover, Ranking, Collections, Favorites, Settings. 

Any anime you are looking to watch is available in AnimeFox. From Action, Animation, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Family, History, Music… 

Huge movie store 

AnimeFox is an application to watch anime online with full subtitles and no ads. Each movie has both subtitles and selectable voiceovers in available languages. Those who want to take advantage of watching movies to enrich their foreign language skills are also particularly suitable. 

AnimeFox is famous among anime fans for its respectable movie store, full HD movie quality, easy-to-use minimalistic interface and many other useful extra features. The number of movies listed above is up to thousands, and it is guaranteed that you can watch it from day to month. 

High quality Anime

Anime movies in AnimeFox are uploaded “full without cutting” and always with subtitles. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about not enjoying the full beauty of the original movie like in some other anime viewing applications. The movie download speed of this application is also very impressive. With the good internet, the application always gives a stable connection without spending too much time waiting or having to manipulate many stages. Just click to select a movie and a few seconds later you will have a masterpiece in front of you to watch. 

Find movies and create your own list 

AnimeFox also has a smart movie filter function by many criteria: by genre, release year, country of production, famous character names in the movie. Thanks to that, just remembering a certain detail related to the movie, you can track them down easily. It’s both saving time searching and giving fast, accurate results. 

For each movie after searching, you can quickly go to the Ranking section below the screen menu bar to get a glimpse of people’s reviews. After that, if you haven’t watched the movie right away, you can save it to your Favorites so you can open it up next time. This personal movie library feature of AnimeFox brings quite a few benefits. In addition to saving your favorite movies to watch in the future, it can also help you comfortably manage the movies you are watching, watched and about to watch. Thereby keeping track or receiving notifications about the next episode also becomes more systematic and understandable. Who watch four or more movies at the same time will be very satisfied because without this type of management, it is so confusing. 

AnimeFox can also synchronize viewing history and Favorites lists across a range of devices that have AnimeFox downloaded and signed in with the same account. These lists are also automatically uploaded to Google Drive ensuring you don’t lose any historical data, even if you reinstall the app. 

Want more Anime? Please try AnimeBoya.

How is my experience in AnimeFox? 

It’s really fast. All operations take place without any pausing. What I love most is the fact that it has visual anime movies of impeccable quality. You can choose according to the ability of the transmission line, from 360, 480, 720, or watch full HD 1080 movies. With these display indicators, all styles are very sharp on mobile screens. The sound in each movie is also clear because of being uploaded directly from the source, not through any other intermediary. So, the picture and sound are transmitted very well. Watching movies on mobile and using an additional in-ear headphone are just right. 

While watching, if you want, you can customize more indicators to make the movie experience better such as: adjust volume, brightness, contrast, size, subtitle font style, subtitle color, film quality. The control function buttons such as forward, backward, stop, look through episodes are also displayed intuitively. Just touch and select without much operation. 

I’ve been using AnimeFox for a few months now and I don’t find any lag. Overall, the experience is good and completely satisfied.

MOD APK version of AnimeFox

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Benefits of Premium version?

  • No Ads
  • Premium Anime Sources

Download AnimeFox MOD APK for Android

Every passion needs a support tool. And for anime enthusiasts, a minimalist, easy-to-use anime animation viewing application with many good support functions, especially an extremely rich movie store is always a top key factor. What are you waiting for without downloading AnimeFox? 

Download AnimeFox Apk Mod[Premium Unlocked] v1.06 (18M)

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Download AnimeFox apk from google play

Download AnimeFox apk from google play

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